Fact/or Fiction #2

Crazy coincidences

Round 2 of Fact/or Fiction deals with seemingly crazy coincidences in our lives. Are these really just chance encounters that had no bearing in “destiny”, “fate”, “karma”, etc.?

Sometimes, life really throws us curveballs and it’s hard to imagine that it was all just random occurrences and not “meant to be”.

Again, have fun, good luck, and let me know in the comments how you did! And have any stories of your own to share? I’d love to hear them!

1. Two for one

I love animals so anytime I see a stray or lost dog/cat, I always try to bring it in and find the owner. I have two dogs of my own and can’t imagine how I’d feel if I lost them.

A few years ago, I saw a beautiful golden lab running the streets of my neighborhood. No owner in sight. So of course I had to bring him in and find his home.

He was excited and came willingly. He was a really sweet and friendly dog. I saw his name (Archer) and the owner’s phone number.

I called the owner up and sure enough, it was their missing dog. I honestly was sad to see him go. The lady who answered didn’t even seem to care. She just said, “Oh yeah, he gets out all the time.”

She lived just a few houses down from where I did, so I just walked him over. We exchanged some pleasantries, and that was that.

Fast forward three years, I met someone new, dated him a couple of times, and we start talking about our pets. I still have my two, and he has his one.

Named Archer.

I tell him about the time I returned an Archer to his owner, but the lady didn’t seem very grateful.

Then he gives me this look. Describes his ex, exactly the same way this lady looked, his dog, and how she was always “letting him out”.

Amazingly, I got reunited with this sweet dog, and gained a wonderful man to go with him.

Image by gayleenfroese2 from Pixabay

Fate meets destiny.

2. Definition of hubris

My mom worked as a secretary at a bank along side a pretty awful woman. She was rude, the bank’s gossip. They both had gotten pregnant the same month. She always made off-handed comments to my mom and tried to “steal the spotlight”.

My mom has epilepsy and everyone in the office knew about it in case she had an episode so they knew to call an ambulance. My mom took a few days off because she was concerned about side effects of the meds she was on.

Her coworker made remarks her entire pregnancy about how if it causes birth defects, why would she get pregnant with me.

Eventually, she ended up calling my mom outright selfish because this medication is known to cause a cleft lip in particular. She basically bullied my mom saying things like “Why would you want your child to have a cleft lip?” “I’m sorry your child is going to have a cleft lip”. My mom was really upset about this but ignored it.

Long story short, she goes into labor with me and I pop out with perfect lips (if I do say so myself).

Her coworker has her baby the next week but never comes back to work. Her good friend, who also worked there, told her that she quit because of issues at birth. Pretty concerned, my mom inquired.

The coworkers baby was born with a cleft lip.

Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

When karma comes around.

3. Contemplating life (and death)

When I was in highschool I went through my first severe depression.

One night I realized one day I would die and I couldn’t do anything to avoid this. My death could happen at any moment and it was getting closer one second at a time. I couldn’t stop thinking about death, everyday, every hour, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. This was my first obssesive-compulsive episode.

For me, life was absurd, since everything finally vanishes in death. I started questioning myself about the meaning of life, about God and religion.

My family was a dysfunctional one. The situation at home was a mess. I couldn’t focus on my studies due to all the shouting and arguments and tv noise. I stayed at my grandparents home for a time. I used to study in my grandfather’s office. He is a fan of literature and has hundreds of books. Shelves and shelves full of books.

So one afternoon I got to a moment when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I couldn’t stand all the anxiety and sadness and confusion.

In my mind I have a conversation with God: “Ok, God, if you do exist, if all this, life and existence, has a meaning, send me a sign”.

So I went to my grandfather’s library, took one of the hundreds of books he has, opened it in one of the hundreds of possible pages, and choose one of the hundreds of possible lines.

It said: “And then, he realized it was all true”.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Moral of the story.

4. Good vibrations

At one point in my life, I chased the new age movement with a passion. I used crystals, meditated, yoga, charms, all those alternative methods to channel positivity into my life.

Except at some point, it felt like no matter what I did, negativity always seemed to follow. Something bad always seemed to happen.

I didn’t get what I was doing wrong. I did all the right things. Followed all the rules, guidelines, chants, feng shui, whatever I had to do to “raise my vibration”.

Well, since I was interested in all this new age phenomena, my friend suggested to visit a psychic medium to find out what was wrong. I took her advice and she went with me.

Even though I believe in nature, holistic medicine, the spiritual world, I was still apprehensive and doubtful of visiting a psychic. I mostly did it just to humor my friend. Plus we were both really curious as to what she’d say.

While there, I didn’t get any significant vibes about her “powers”, and she gave me a lot of mumbo jumbo about “reading” me and knowing how I was feeling. Then she told me at the end, “Don’t worry. You will soon find hope and peace.”

I left, pretty disappointed, because it seemed like just a typical cold reading. But my friend and I had some good conversations about it afterwards.

Eight months later I was living in a different state and traveling to my aunt’s house but couldn’t find it. I was lost. I didn’t have google maps at the time, so pulled over and rung her up so she can give me the directions again.

Turning around since I went the wrong way, I came across a crossroads I hadn’t seen before. The intersecting streets were Hope and Peace.

It could have been just a coincidence, but ever since that time, the negative energy seemed to have disappeared. I don’t know if it was a placebo effect or what, but I still always question what really happened.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Not quite sure that's what she meant...but it worked!

5. Daydreaming is fun

I was working at a retail store during this time, and was incredibly bored. To keep myself entertained while doing remedial tasks, I imagined myself at one of the popular tourist spots in our city.

I tried to imagine being out in the weather, how nice the sun would feel on my skin, the sites and view from where I’d be standing, just to give myself a good authentic feel of it.

Well, then I had to go do some serious work and forgot all about this daydream.

Then, maybe a couple of hours later, I get a customer. She looks at me strangely, then says, “You look familiar. Didn’t I just see you?”

I say, “No, I don’t think so.”

She says, “Hm, I could’ve sworn I saw you at ‘popular tourist spot’ a couple of hours ago.”

My head spins. I couldn’t tell her, “Oh yeah, I just imagined being there.” so instead I said, “No, I’ve been here all day.” but inside I was shook. Don’t know if she saw “me” or just someone who looked like me who just coincidentally happened to be at the same spot, at the same time that I had imagined myself being.

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

I have a twin! Apparently.

How do you think you did? Got all your answers?

Click the titles below to find out!

FALSE – This story I completely made up. Although I suppose some people might have similar experiences. I wonder how many people’s relationships seemed to happen by weird, random occurrences…

TRUE – autumnx (Reddit)

I don’t condone ill will on anyone, and even though it’s a shame what happened to this baby, we should not treat it like it’s some kind of misfortune. This baby is a blessing and deserves love and kindness just like any child, and it’s actually a shame we (generally) judge on looks/disabilities, etc. And perhaps this child will teach his/her mother the art of compassion.

TRUE – johann_krauss (Reddit)

I have also had similar incidences like this happen to me. It is pretty affirming, and gives me this sense that the universe does listen in and guides us sometimes. However, sometimes I think the universe wants to see us decide what path we choose to follow.

FALSE – Another story I made up. I’ve never been to a fortune teller, although would enjoy trying it out one day. Would be interesting to glean what kind of information they could get out of me.

Have any interesting stories to share about your own visit to a fortune teller? Let me know!

TRUE – This experience happened to me. It was uncanny the way the lady looked at me, like she really thought it was me she saw at the same spot I had imagined myself being. Remote viewing? Out of body experience? I have no idea, but it was fascinating nonetheless.


Fact or Fiction Series

Fact/or Fiction #2 - Crazy coincidences
Fact/or Fiction #1 - Good Luck!

Fact/or Fiction #1

Good Luck!

Welcome to the first round of the “Fact or Fiction” series. For this first one, I thought it’d be fun to just do some fact/fiction stories from my own experiences. I won’t tell you how many truths/lies there are, I’ll leave it up to you to try and determine. The answers will be at the end.

Have fun!
Feel free to sound off in the comments and let me know how you did!

-Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

1. I’m a ghost?

When my son was around 3, he came in to the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth. He looked startled for a moment, then pointed straight at me and said, “Ghost, ghost.” in a somewhat urgent but matter of fact voice.

I just chuckled and said, “Oh no, baby, I’m not a ghost.”

He shook his head in slight frustration, then tilted his body to point behind me, and repeated, “Ghost.” very firmly.

I then proceeded to quickly pick him up and run out of the bathroom. 😛

There was no possibility of it being a shadow because that bathroom was so bright that shadows didn’t even exist in there, and it wasn’t a reflection since the mirror was in front of where I was standing.

I don’t know what he was looking at, but it certainly made me nervous every time I had to use that bathroom.

Image by SuperHerftigGeneral from Pixabay

I've got a roommate, apparently.

2. Lost and found

I was living in my old apartment at the time, and something felt off from the get go, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Just one of those strange, “feels like someone’s watching me” suspicions.

Well, to make matters worse, it felt like this “thing” was messing with me. If I put my coffee cup down on the kitchen counter, poof! I’ll see it on top of the microwave. If I’m sure I put the leftover steak in the fridge, poof! It’s still on the kitchen counter.

At first, I honestly thought it was my own forgetfulness. Didn’t know I was that bad, but apparently I was.

The final straw came when I couldn’t find my keys. Keys. You don’t mess with someone’s keys.

I looked EVERYWHERE. Literally, everywhere. The living room? Check. The bathroom? Check. The bedroom? Check. My purse? Check. Then, I checked everywhere all over again.

Finally exasperated, I just said out loud, “Okay, whoever the frick is messing with me, just give me back my fricking keys.” (I probably did not use the word “frick”.)

I turn around, and poof. My keys are right there on the living room table.

Key on a tree stump, with light shining down on it.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

How'd my keys get here?

3. Imaginary Friends are people too (or maybe not)

I used to help take care of a sweet, precocious young boy. He was about 6 or 7 at the time, and he struck up a conversation with me about his imaginary friend.

I was mildly amused, being a young teenager, so didn’t believe him but just wanted to humor him. He kept talking about him, and I asked him what he looked like.

He said, “He looks like a bat. Can’t you see him? He’s right over there.” and he pointed to an empty spot on the wall.

As soon as he pointed to his “imaginary friend”, BOTH my dogs ran up to the wall, barking, growling, jumping and scratching at the wall, trying to get “it”.

There. Was. Nothing. There.

I thought maybe it was a bug, maybe a shadow, SOMETHING. But there was nothing! Except this child could see it. And so could my dogs. (And the fact that this imaginary friend looked like a bat is pretty scary in itself.)

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

Nice friend you've got there...

4. In a hurry

One morning, I was in a rush to get to work since I was running a little bit late. I got in my car and tried to get my seatbelt on. I say “tried” because my seatbelt just wouldn’t work. I’d never had issues with it before, but that morning, it just wouldn’t dislodge. I was a stickler for wearing a seatbelt since it was ingrained in me as a little kid.

So after struggling for a good few seconds, getting more and more frustrated by the moment, especially after already being late, I finally got it on.

I drove off, relieved that I finally got it on and could continue on to work. As I approached my common light that I turn right at, noticed that I had a green light so I could just turn without having to stop.

Well, as I was almost at the intersection I see this car ZOOMING by me. They had run a red light. A full on, straight up, red light. Not yellow. Not orange. Definitely not green. RED.

Then I thought to myself, “Thank goodness I had trouble getting my seatbelt on. If I didn’t, that car would have smashed into me.”

And that realization really sunk in. That was the one and only time I had trouble getting my seatbelt on in that car.


Photo by Antonio J. Sanchez from FreeImages

Lifesaver. In more ways than one.

5. Sleeping with the enemy

When I was around 20, I had some experiences with lucid dreams, out of body experiences, sleep paralysis, etc. I still get them from time to time, but nothing as severe as before.

Well, this one particular time, I had just woken up in the middle of the night, and couldn’t move. Typical of a sleep paralysis episode. Usually I can snap myself out of it within seconds. But this time I was stuck, and couldn’t move anything except my eyelids.

I was going to stay calm and steady my heartbeat to keep myself from panicking, until I saw a dark outline of a shape right above me.

I was terrified.

You can’t move. You can’t speak. All you can do is look.

It was sort of transparent but had a kind of misty, gray fog inside of it, swirling around.

The only thing I could think to do was to pray. And sure enough, just thinking the name “Jesus Christ” made this apparition disappear.

From then on, anytime I experienced any sort of night terror, sleep paralysis, etc., I just pray, and the situation disappears.

Hand reaching out to the Heavens.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The power of prayer.

How do you think you did? Got all your answers?

Click the titles below to find out!

TRUE – This really did happen to me. My son sort of still remembers it, but as they get older it seems like they forget a lot of things and then stop “seeing” altogether.

FALSE – This is not a true story (for me – even though I’m sure it happens to a lot of people). Although I have had a lot of stuff just seemingly popping out of nowhere, that I thought I had “lost” ages ago. 😛

TRUE – This one really freaks me out. I did not ask him any further questions on his “friend” because, frankly, I was too afraid to know.

TRUE – I often find myself reflecting back to this time and realizing that if it weren’t for that dang (blessed) seatbelt, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.

TRUE & FALSE – This story has elements of truth and lies to it. I have never had an encounter with a wispy/see through figure (to my knowledge…), but I have had night terrors/sleep paralysis that do dissipate as soon as I pray.


Fact or Fiction Series

Fact/or Fiction #2 - Crazy coincidences
Fact/or Fiction #1 - Good Luck!