Crystal Clear Learning

Group of crystals together. Metaphor for learning with a crystal clear mind, and being surrounded by support.

This series is created as a kind of learning space to grow and develop our self-awareness and conscious mind. There will be a lot of topics covered here, ranging from self-improvement, to interesting and fascinating information about the world around us; both physical and metaphysical.

If you’re here on this page, then I appreciate you approaching this subject and hope to provide some valuable insight and important understanding (or at least, exploration) of our universe and the mysteries it holds.

Crystal Clear Learning Series

“You Will Hear of Wars and Rumors of Wars” – But What Happens AFTER? | The Destined Conclusion - While our world seems to be heading into a pit of despair and chaos - there is redemption.
An Essential Question We All Must Ask Ourselves: How Far Will We Go to Save Our Own Life? - How much is our life worth? Or our child? Where is the limit?
The ‘Human’ Hundredth Monkey Effect Explained | Critical Mass, The Shift And What It Could Look Like - Sharing truth and compassion may catapult us into a new era of human-conscious development.
Is The World Ready for a Divine Revelation? | A “Warning” to Wake Us Up? - "In that moment, we're going to see our conscience. You're going to see everything wrong that you're doing and the good you're not doing."
Demoralization: What Happens When We Feel Like Giving Up - Sometimes the world seems so dark - it almost feels hopeless...
You Are Much More Than You Realize | But You Need to Believe It - What do you believe in? Do you REALLY believe it?
The Other Virus: Learned Helplessness - Compliance leading to our downfall.