Crystal Clear Learning

Group of crystals together. Metaphor for learning with a crystal clear mind, and being surrounded by support.

This series is created as a kind of learning space to grow and develop our self-awareness and conscious mind. There will be a lot of topics covered here, ranging from self-improvement, to interesting and fascinating information about the world around us; both physical and metaphysical.

If you’re here on this page, then I appreciate you approaching this subject and hope to provide some valuable insight and important understanding (or at least, exploration) of our universe and the mysteries it holds.

Crystal Clear Learning Series

Are you in Control of Your Thoughts? - Or do your thoughts control you?
Welcome to the New Year Welcome to 2021 - Have any New Year's resolutions?
The Importance of Raising Vibrations - And why you should try it.
Beautiful divine looking sky with light beams shining down on the world. Why is Love so Important? - Imagine a world with, and without Love. What do you see?
Heart that shows black veins running through it, implying that it's diseased or darkened. Can People Have a Change of Heart? - And would we have the heart to forgive them?
Good heart and a bad heart, both vying for a person's soul. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome - Are there times we step out of our "regular personality"?
Beautiful lights in the galaxy. Is it truly infinite? Are there secrets out there that we have yet to discover? What is the Universe Trying to Tell us? - The most important messages the world needs.
Do we have a moral compass anymore? If we lost it, how do we get it back? Why is Having Integrity so Hard? - Do we just lack a moral compass? Have we lost our way?
Hand reaching out to the Heavens. The Time to Choose God is NOW - If you're on the fence on what to believe, then believe this: we need kindness and compassion more than anything. The best way to get there is to pray to God and believe in Jesus Christ.