Demoralization: What Happens When We Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes the world seems so dark – it almost feels hopeless…

I don’t write opinionated reflections a lot. Most of the time I try to give readers real videos, transcripts, documents about what was said by either those in charge of certain projects, or whistleblowers exposing plans, or testimonies from others who describe their experience that people need to be aware about.

While I do have my opinions and share them throughout my posts, I very rarely spend a whole post describing my emotions as I go through them.

However, admittedly, the disheartening news all around us can sometimes be overwhelming and the future extremely bleak, which casts a dark shadow of pointlessness to even pursuing these subjects any longer. Sometimes, knowing all of the atrocities going on around us, it’s easy to get lost amid a sea of hopelessness.

We see those responsible for heinous crimes constantly getting away with it, and not only that, celebrating vacations, weddings, and get-togethers with their cohorts and their ilk; while the rest of us remain under the oppressive regime of mandates, vaccine/mask narratives, and constant scrutiny if we show the littlest bit of hesitancy towards these agendas.

Seeing the people who should be behind bars living it up and able to travel freely on their private yachts and/or jets, while those simply trying to make an honest living are left either quitting their jobs/careers to refuse the vaccine mandate, or getting fired for refusing to comply – or they cave into the demands of the system and get the vaccine unwillingly to keep their job or just so that they can travel – which has ultimately sadly led to many unnecessary and tragic adverse events.

Seeing pictures of the “elite” group gathering around in large festivities and celebrations/meetings without any social distancing or masks to speak of, while the workers and camera crew catering to them are wearing masks. Clearly indicating that the “elites” are not worried about contracting ANYTHING, much less COVID, but yet they demand that the useless eaterstheir slaves… their employees wear a mask around them.

Seeing countless videos of politicians, celebrities, diplomatic leaders faking a vaccine, while encouraging, bribing and/or berating others to get it. Calling those who refuse to get it a “selfish fool” who doesn’t care about grandma.

Watching as hundreds and thousands of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, scientists, etc. speak up against the vaccine – yet people are still refusing to listen to them, and instead continue to listen to the mainstream media and government funded doctors – like Anthony Fauci.

Seeing doctors and heads of the vaccine group (NIH, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, etc.) continuously lie to the public about the vaccine’s efficacy, or lack thereof, and the completely inane push to administer even more of the vaccine that didn’t work the first, second or third time around.

Learning about the terrible situation involving the suppression of Ivermectin – meanwhile hundreds of those in Congress are allegedly secretly getting treated with this medication – while those in charge of the coronavirus task force prevent its use in pharmacies worldwide and hospitals refuse to treat patients with it, at the same time the MSM continues to ridicule the concept by labeling it a “horsepaste”…

All of this outrageous deception and manipulation and utter clown show – within the span of less than 2 years – because a large group of people still can’t wake up to the obvious lies and endless dictatorship that’s edging ever closer to becoming a normality because people would rather continue to believe the lie and a modicum of comfort, compared to opening their eyes and seeing the huge, dystopian overhaul that tptsb have planned for us.

All of it is not only discouraging, it’s also downright depressing.

So sometimes I find myself sitting down in exhaustion, hard to find myself even moving because that would mean the reality around us is still in full effect, so by choosing to not move perhaps I can take myself out of this reality for a little bit and just exist without participating in the world that I have grown increasingly more disappointed in.

I just sit there, contemplating life, or even not thinking at all – wondering how no matter how much proof is around us, some people will still refuse to see it. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, it’s that people will refuse to connect the dots and insist that it’s just happenstance, a coincidence, nothing to be alarmed about, and so on and so forth. Their refusal to believe it doesn’t mean that it’s a ridiculous concept, but it’s more that they can’t handle it if they were to find out what the world is REALLY about, because it would mean their whole lives (all of ours) is one giant lie built on a foundation of horror and wickedness.

Or, they simply don’t care. They are so comfortable in the system, that to question it would upset their whole way of life and they rather enjoy living under governmental rule, because it allows someone else to think for them. They are indoctrinated into the system so badly that anyone resisting this type of regime is automatically seen as the “bad guy”. The plot to The Matrix playing out in real time.

So once in a while, I catch myself in utter despair, not wanting to continue on in my attempts at waking others up. They will either see the truth for what it is, or they will continue to ignore the “world” for what it really is. The Lord will call on those He chooses, while those who remain in the dark may forever be lost.

But then I remember how God did indeed call me out of this world. He led me to Him, because I was not the most pristine of followers – or a follower at all, at that point. I was a lost soul like so many others. I did not pray. I did not go to church. I did not read the Bible. As a matter of fact, I shunned the Bible. So to say that He literally called me out of this world would not be an exaggeration.

And who was there when I was questioning what was happening to me? When I went to search for an answer as to what these signs and synchronicities were, how did I finally find my answer that I wasn’t just a crazy person who heard God’s voice – but actually heard Him and He’s the one we are supposed to seek if we want to find Truth?

I found this out by other people, on their own journey, and reading/listening about their own testimonies, and their walk that brought them to the same conclusion. Even though they were at risk of ridicule, scorn, derision, etc., they still came forth to share their experiences on how they got called out of this world – perhaps on their own quest to also wake up others and help them when they choose to seek these answers out for themselves.

And so I am utterly grateful for these people who went against the grain and spoke up to help others who are on their own individual journey – those who may be slowly waking up out of this stupor created solely to keep us from seeking our true purpose – and it reminds me that even if people do not wake up NOW, then the trajectory that we are heading – with God at the helm, will indeed slowly but surely reach out to others, waking them up in their own time, until every single one of us experiences a conscious awakening – and we collectively realize who we really are and take the necessary steps to ensure a future of peace and happiness, instead of the chaos and panic that the “global elites” are trying to dictate upon the world.

I remind myself that I was as lost as many others not so long ago – and I wonder at how those who were already awake at the time felt about people like me. Perhaps growing frustrated that while they could see the evil overtaking the world, people like me at the time were still blissfully unaware in our own little bubble – happily going on about our own lives without a care in the world. Enjoying movies, hanging out with friends, gossiping, going to work, etc., etc., etc. Fully asleep, fully ignorant to the wickedness growing increasingly more brazen as time rolls on.

Perhaps this is part of the “plan”. As the depravity grows, those who are even deep asleep have no choice but to wake up, otherwise they are knowingly participating in the corruption and immorality that has been surrounding us and deceptively trying to get the population to be an active part of. Trying to normalize mandatory drugs/vaccines, transgenderism, transhumanism, pedophilia, critical race theory, satanism, abortions, genetically modifying everything – including humans, reverse aging by transfusing “young blood”, etc., etc., etc…

There is no doubt in my mind that evil has a stranglehold in the world. And time is running out for people to wake up. Perhaps this is why I sometimes have fear strike in my heart – seeing the amount of godlessness pervading practically every aspect of our society – but then I remember that God IS ultimately in control, and I remember my faith, and I remember how lost and clueless I was before waking up to this depravity, and I remember all of the people who have helped me along the way to make sense of our reality and who were awake for years and years and years before I was.

And all I can say is, thank GOD for them.

So when I feel like giving up, and find myself asking, “What’s the point?”, I remember God and all those who were awake long before I was, who had the patience and endurance to continue on, planting the seeds and graciously helping others who haven’t quite woken up out of the matrix yet. While they may have had similar feelings of hopelessness at points, their love for God and for humanity kept them going. I remember Jesus Christ, who literally spread the gospel of love and forgiveness, even up to the point of his persecution and death, by the very same people He was trying to save.

And so knowing all of this, there’s no way I can give up. While despair sometimes strikes, I am reminded of the many good people in the world, working hard to wake others and/or planting the seed for those who were lost but are now seeking the right path. I am reminded of my own shortcomings and my own dismissal of certain “conspiracy theories”, that after an honest look at it objectively, found myself to be completely in the wrong.

I take heart knowing that just because someone is lost now, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on their own journey into waking up; and I take heart knowing that there are brave and caring souls speaking up on others behalf, helping to spread awareness to reach others.

And I am thankful for all of my readers, whether they have stumbled across here by accident, or are actively seeking the truth as well. You are a blessing, whether you realize it or not. We are all in this together, and try as the corrupt establishment might to demoralize us, I have faith in God and humanity’s will to persevere.

I love you all. God bless.

5 thoughts on “Demoralization: What Happens When We Feel Like Giving Up”

  1. Thank you. I feel like I have been waiting forever to read something like this…a simple “thank you”. Having woke up to the truth 31 years ago, and then having my efforts to wake other people up thrown back in my face, I can honestly say in all that time only two people came back to me later to say: “thank you for not giving up on me.”

    What you describe above is how I felt after 9-11. It was such an in-your-face psy-op, and I felt like the only person who could see it. This plandemic dog-and-pony-show has been different for me. I feel like an outsider looking in, my own life not being changed at all. Actually, my life has really improved in the last two years. Also this whole story about a tumped-up plandemic in order to introduce a depopulation injection, and vax mandates, was being circulated on conspiracy websites 15 years ago…so I knew it was coming.

    I’m curious. When did you catch on to the truth? Remember, better late than never.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I want to extend another huge THANK YOU for staying strong and maintaining your beliefs instead of caving into the system and falling back into it. I can’t even imagine how lonely that must have felt, being one of the few who has been awake to this corruption for that time, while seeing most of the people around you blind to this depravity.

      I have tried to wake a few of my friends, but at the moment they are as lost as anybody else; so I just hope and pray that they get their divine calling, and/or they actually look around them to see what’s going on in the world. Sometimes I have a feeling that they DO know exactly what’s going on, but apathy takes hold and if it doesn’t directly affect them, then they don’t care… so they ignore it. Which is why I hope for a huge conscious awakening.

      And I have been given signs throughout my life to wake-up, but I didn’t consciously choose to until around 5 years ago. God tried several times, but I was a stubborn rebel who wanted to enjoy the ways of the world – so it wasn’t until 2016 that I finally did. And had to struggle with getting roped back into the world, but He didn’t give up on me. So I am ever thankful for His grace and mercy.

      Thank you again Kris for being strong in the face of all of this adversity. I am grateful that there are people like you who have integrity and aren’t afraid of speaking the truth instead of slinking away to avoid scrutiny.

      Love and blessings,

      1. Indeed, there have been some terribly dark moments for me, but there was never any choice for me to return to my former way of living…it was just unthinkable. Your writing reminds me of myself 30 odd years ago…before three decades of playing Sisyphus had sapped my energy, and left me very cynical. If I may, I have some advice from the trenches:

        #1. Expect to be vilified, ostracized and even physically attacked for speaking the truth. Your words will be disappeared, your websites will be shadow-banned and anything you try to do to help, will be turned against you. The saying: the aircraft directly over the target, takes the most flak, is very true. If one is not taking flak, one most question their alegence to The Truth.

        #2. Small daily acts of kindness and passing on information, are much more effective than reaching 500,000 people online. Realistically, those of us that are awake, will be lucky to wake-up maybe two or three others. It is most effective to do this in-person. Never underestimate the power of a few kind words to a stranger. I know of one case where a man did not take his life, because of kind words from a stranger. There have been times in the past three decades when I was destitute and in chronic pain, with not one person to lend a helping hand (after myself having been helping others for years, prior) and the chance kind words from strangers were like tiny life-rings, keeping my head above water.

        #3. Sketch out an idea and timeline of what you think is coming, but be willing to change and add new information as you get it. Back when I awoke the internet was not a thing. Books were the main way to share this info, and a few radio stations. Thirty years ago there were brave souls publishing their books themselves. These are folks I am grateful for. I regret wasting energy on erroneous information, but my discernment was not rszor-sharp as it is now. For example; all the books were repeatedly, like a mantra, saying how you must find a group to align with, because few would survive alone. I tried for seven years to find a group, before throwing in the towel on that idea. Now we learn from the Russian boy prophet, Ortrok, to expect to be alone. That is exactly what has happened to me in the last two years…alone, yet completely protected. Untouched by the chaos around me. I regret that wasted effort to find a group.

        I hope someone finds these tips useful. I appreciate your humility and sincererity, which is very rare in the world these days.

      2. Hi Kris, thank you for those insightful tips. I will keep them in mind! I’m very glad that there were some kind strangers keeping you from falling into complete despair. It is very true that kindness is free and can make someone’s day; all it takes is a genuine smile or someone doing a random act of kindness, such as holding the door open for someone, a pleasant small chat, helping someone pick up an item they dropped, or just showing that they care.

        And I am preparing myself to being alone. I have my small sized family with me, so it may just be us, but I am fully prepared to address that when the time comes. I have been praying every single day and night for Jesus Christ to return, and although I know I will be judged just as everyone else, I have genuinely repented of my sins and am prepared for His judgement as well. I would rather Jesus Christ to come and help us out of this darkness than allow the darkness to continue.

        And although you may feel alone, and may be physically alone, please know that even as complete strangers, there are people that care about you, me being one of them. I care about every single one of us – even those that have fallen into this darkness. My heart is with you, and I am again extremely thankful that there are awakened people like you helping to spread the truth and awareness to others.

        Many blessings,

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Since that night in November of 1990, when I suddenly KNEW that the return of Christ Jesus was imminent, and repented of my sins, I’ve never looked back. Although I have stumbled more than once along the way, I vow to keep moving forward, doing the best I can to help whoever is in my path.

    As for being alone, I love it. It has become my natural way of life. After I did a 180 in 1990, a lot of people were cleared out of my life… thankfully. The ones I miss are the ones that died…but I doubt these folks would have made it through End Times anyway.

    Blessings to you, too. You are doing good work.

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