Earnest Examination

In a lot of my posts, I quote the Bible quite often. But I have never read it front to back like I should. I realize some people have read the Bible numerous times, and I have not even read it all the way through once. This is highly inconvenient for me and hypocritical, so I have taken it upon myself to dutifully go through each book and jot down questions or comments/observations I have, and some information that I have gleaned from my own research and knowledge I have gathered, and other’s commentary. If I want to gain a more honest understanding of the Bible, then I cannot just pick and choose which passages I want to display. So this is a way for me to undertake this study and more completely understand God and Jesus Christ.

I have heard it said that to approach the Bible I need to read it “prayerfully”, and I will better understand it’s messages. Back in my rebellious early stages, I actually condemned the Bible and couldn’t stand people who quoted from it. All I saw were contradictions and negativity, violence, sins, etc. It wasn’t until a friend pointed out to me that that was the whole point. Beginning with the Old Testament, before Jesus Christ was born, that’s basically what the world was swimming in. Sins, unholiness, perversions, sacrificial rituals, wickedness, etc. None of it made any sense to me. Especially because in my mind, God is all-seeing and omniscient, so wouldn’t he have known that this is how the world would end up?

To be fair, I still have some of these questions, but I now realize that I, one simple human being, couldn’t possibly begin to understand the inner-most workings of the universe. But with some guidance of additional sources and an honest, open approach instead of a biased one, I can begin to understand that the reason Jesus Christ came was to literally save us from ourselves and show us a new way, a better way of living.

This series is just about that. The earnest, heartfelt devotion to seek the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Earnest Examination

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