Get an Earful

There is a lot of interesting (and sometimes terrifying!) information in our world, that is just waiting to be discovered. There are those who are trying to uncover it, and then those that are trying to suppress it.

This page is dedicated to those who realize the importance of spreading knowledge and wisdom, and is a gathering place to share with others.

If you have any articles/posts about topics that you would like to display to get the word out, please feel free to contact me.

Get an Earful Series

DARPA BRAIN Initiative – Inhumane Experimentations Using Fusion Centers and Electromagnetic Fields to Control & Torture People - "If they want to experiment on you, by the thousands, they will. And you can be driven to insanity and death"
The “FEW” Involved in the “WEF” | Davos and the Purloined Letter Conspiracy. Klaus Schwab’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” - "A conspiracy like this could never happen because 'too many people would be involved'." ...
Senator Ron Johnson’s “A Second Opinion” Panel: Renowned Doctors and Medical Experts Discuss Medical Tyranny and Vaccine Injuries/Deaths (Highlight Video – FULL TRANSCRIPT) - Dr. Pierre Kory: "And that’s what I wanted us to be clear that we’re calling attention to today. This is corruption! Plain and simple, it’s corruption!”