Get an Earful

There is a lot of interesting (and sometimes terrifying!) information in our world, that is just waiting to be discovered. There are those who are trying to uncover it, and then those that are trying to suppress it.

This page is dedicated to those who realize the importance of spreading knowledge and wisdom, and is a gathering place to share with others.

If you have any articles/posts about topics that you would like to display to get the word out, please feel free to contact me.

Get an Earful Series

A Fundamental Requirement of a Memorable Super Bowl Performer - Is apparently to have an alter ego. (Illuminati symbolism is a plus.)
Mind Control and Dissociation - Is this more rampant than we think?
Does the World Seem to Hate You? - If so, you may be on the right track.
What Real News/Journalism Looks Like - Researching is important. But what if the material are all lies?
The Hypocrisy of “Authority Figures”: Starring Nancy Pelosi - Are government officials above the law?
10 Legitimate Reasons People are Concerned About Getting the Vaccine Shot - Several Reasons Why People May Fear the Vaccine
Anthony Fauci Caught ‘Lying’ – Several Times - Science doesn't lie. But people sure do.
Blatant Censorship Rules the Internet - In some cases, it's needed. But in others, it is merely an excuse.