Physician Speaks Out Against ‘Vaccine Mandates for All’ – Especially Children and Those With Natural Immunity

“I never thought I’d say this, but please ignore the CDC guidance.”

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by Megan Redshaw on August 6, 2021

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In an interview with U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Marty Makary said the CDC’s relentless focus on vaccine-induced immunity and its “demonizing” of those who choose not to get the vaccine make the agency “the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history.”

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and editor-in chief of MedPage Today, is pushing back against the growing drumbeat for mass vaccinations and COVID vaccine mandates.

In an interview with U.S. New & World Reports, Makary said mandating vaccines for “every living, walking American” is not well-supported by science. Makary also expressed concerns about the two-dose vaccine regimen for adolescents.

Makary’s interview this week took place as more public and private employers join the vaccine mandate chorus — the federal government is requiring the jab for federal employees, hundreds of colleges are requiring proof of vaccination for students, the U.S. Department of Defense is gearing up to require COVID vaccines for military members, New York is mandating the vaccine for indoor businesses and some of America’s largest employers are requiring employees get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

Makary told U.S. News & World Report that as a physician, he believes “you win more bees with honey than with fire — referring to patients who don’t follow what “we ask them to do.”

Makary believes people “who choose not to get vaccinated are making a poor health decision at their own individual risk.” But he doesn’t believe the unvaccinated pose a public health threat to those who are already immune to the virus.

Makary said:

“Would we be so stern toward people making similar or worse health choices to smoke, drink alcohol or not wear a helmet when riding a bike? Over 85,000 Americans die annually from alcohol, yet we don’t have the same public health fervor or requirements to save those lives. Let’s encourage vaccination rather than activate the personal liberty culture wars that result in people becoming more entrenched in their opposition.”

Makary said that vaccinating everyone — including eventually every newborn — in order to control the pandemic is based on the false assumption that the risk of dying from COVID is equally distributed among the population — but it’s not, he said.

“We have always known that it’s very hard for the virus to hurt someone who is young and healthy,” Makary said. “And that’s still the case.”

Makary suggested taking a similar approach to what is used with the flu shot, which is often mandated for healthcare workers. Makary said while vaccine requirements for healthcare workers make sense, we would never extend those requirements outside of healthcare.

“We’d simply state to the public: Those who avoid the flu shot do so at their own risk,” Makary said.

No scientific support for requiring the vaccine for those with natural immunity

Makary said there is no scientific support for requiring the vaccine in people who have natural immunity — that is, immunity from prior COVID infection. There is zero clinical outcome data to support arguing dogmatically that natural immune individuals “must get vaccinated.”

Makary explained:

“During every month of this pandemic, I’ve had debates with other public researchers about the effectiveness and durability of natural immunity. I’ve been told that natural immunity could fall off a cliff, rendering people susceptible to infection. But here we are now, over a year and a half into the clinical experience of observing patients who were infected, and natural immunity is effective and going strong. And that’s because with natural immunity, the body develops antibodies to the entire surface of the virus, not just a spike protein constructed from a vaccine.”


A recent Israeli study affirmed the superiority of natural immunity. Health Ministry data on the wave of COVID outbreaks which began in May 2021, found a 6.72 times greater level of protection among those with natural immunity compared to those with vaccinated immunity.

In June, a Cleveland Clinic study found vaccinating people with natural immunity did not add to their level of protection.

The clinic studied 52,238 employees. Of those, 49,659 never had the virus and 2,579 had COVID and recovered. Of the 2,579 who previously were infected, 1,359 remained unvaccinated, compared with 22,777 who were vaccinated.

Not one of the 1,359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a SARS-CoV-2 infection over the duration of the study.

As The Defender reported, a December 2020 study by Singapore researchers found neutralizing antibodies (one prong of the immune response) remained present in high concentrations for 17 years or more in individuals who recovered from the original SARS-CoV.

More recently, the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health (NIH)  each published evidence of durable immune responses to natural infection with SARS-CoV-2.

In March 2020, the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci shared his view (in an email [p. 22] to Ezekiel Emanuel) that “their [sic] would be substantial immunity post infection.”

Yet despite these recent findings, health authorities are largely ignoring the scientific evidence of natural immunity’s stellar track record. In fact, as the American Institute of Economic Research reported, it appears in order to promote the COVID vaccine agenda, key organizations are not only “downplaying” natural immunity but may be seeking to “erase” it altogether.

Makary said instead of talking about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, we should be talking about the immune and non-immune.

“Immunity can be proven with a simple antibody test,” Makary said, and “vaccine passports and proof-of-vaccine documents should recognize it.”

Makary said there’s very strong population immunity in most parts of the U.S. and these areas are resistant to the delta variant. Roughly a third to half of Americans who are unvaccinated have natural immunity, based on an analysis of California residents.

According to a study conducted by the state of California in March, 38% of Californians and 45% of Los Angeles residents had natural immunity.

“We’re potentially talking about a large portion of the U.S. population who may be immune to COVID and not know it,” Makary said. “They should be tested to find out, and we should concentrate our vaccination efforts on people who are not immune.”

No strong case for vaccinating kids, Makary says

When it comes to vaccinating healthy kids, Makary says there is not a strong case for vaccinating young people up to age 25.

Makary explained:

“When it comes to vaccinating healthy kids — and you could argue young people up to 25 — there is a case for vaccination but it’s not strong. The COVID-19 death risk is clustered among kids with a comorbid condition, like obesity.

“Of the more than 330 COVID-19 deaths in kids under age 25, there’s good preliminary data suggesting that most or nearly all appear to be in kids with a pre-existing condition. For kids with concurrent medical conditions, the case for vaccination is compelling. But for healthy kids?”

Makary said he’s concerned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hasn’t considered whether one- or two-dose shots would be sufficient or safer for young people.

“The agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has vigorously recommended the two-dose vaccine regimen for all children ages 12 and up, regardless of whether kids already have immunity. I take issue with that,” Makary said.

Makary said the data CDC based its recommendation on — the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) — is incomplete at best because it isn’t fact-checked by authorities and may not be fully capturing the extent of vaccine complications from the second dose in young people.

As The Defender reported, Simone Scott, 19, and Jacob Clynick, 13, died shortly after receiving their second COVID vaccine doses after developing heart inflammation.

Makary said he wished the CDC would tell the public more about their deaths, and the 19 others youths under the age of 25 who, according to CDC data, have died after receiving a COVID vaccine.

“Since the clinical trials were not powered sufficiently to detect rare events like these, I want to know more about those deaths before making blanket recommendations,” Makary said.

He added:

“Researching these events is important when issuing broad guidance about vaccinating healthy kids, including students, who already have an infinitesimally small risk of dying from COVID-19.”

Makary perplexed by vitriol directed at those reluctant to get vaccinated

Makary believes that for some, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the biggest driver of hesitancy in those not willing to get vaccinated as the agency has failed to fully approve COVID vaccines due to stability testing.

Makary didn’t refrain from attacking the CDC either. According to Makary, the CDC’s relentless focus on vaccine-induced immunity and its “demonizing” of individuals who choose not to get a COVID vaccine make the agency “the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history.”

In June, Makary blasted the CDC and White House for continuing to push COVID vaccines when it’s not necessary.

“I never thought I’d say this, but please ignore the CDC guidance,” he said.

“The goal of our pandemic response should be to reduce death, illness and disability, but instead what you’re seeing is a movement that has morphed from being pro-vaccine to vaccine fanaticism at all costs.”


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Megan Redshaw is a freelance reporter for The Defender. She has a background in political science, a law degree and extensive training in natural health.

Featured image: Martin Adel “Marty” Makary is an American surgeon, professor and author. (Source: CHD)


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4 thoughts on “Physician Speaks Out Against ‘Vaccine Mandates for All’ – Especially Children and Those With Natural Immunity”

  1. Hi ,
    I didn’t like This Article.
    It sounds like the Doctor 8s Afraid of loosing his license and
    That The Doctor believes there’s a Real Virus.
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    Thank you

    1. Hi James,

      Thank you for your comment!

      As for the article itself, I decided to repost the article from GlobalResearch to show that while doctors may be debating the COVID virus in its entirety (whether it actually exists or not – since many sources state that this specific virus has never even been isolated), one thing that many doctors ARE agreeing upon is that the vaccine is unnecessary and is causing more damage than good especially in those with robust immune systems already. There is NO REASON to inject someone with an experimental vaccine if they are already healthy, and especially not in children.

      I also appreciated Dr. Makary’s honesty in stating that while he once followed the CDC guidance out of good faith and belief in the industry, he admits that he can no longer recommend doing that and is starting to see many things wrong with how the CDC is being run and how politicized it’s become.

      As for COVID, I think a lot of us are realizing that COVID may infact be just a different version of the flu or even the common cold, if not the very same thing. Yet there is still so much debate around the topic. While I, personally, think the individuals behind perpetrating the scam simply took influenza and slapped a new name on it (COVID), there are still some legitimate doctors that acknowledge that this virus does present a little bit differently in the human body. But they, as well as I, believe that this virus has been highly exaggerated and manipulated into presenting itself as much worse than it really is.

      I did very highly disagree with this comment by Dr. Makary: “Makary said while vaccine requirements for healthcare workers make sense, we would never extend those requirements outside of healthcare.”

      I don’t believe vaccine mandates/requirements should be initiated AT ALL. While Dr. Makary and others may still believe in the science of vaccines – and perhaps at one point vaccines were created initially to help benefit mankind – sadly we can no longer say that as these corrupt organizations have gotten their paws on it and have weaponized it against the people instead. While it is an awful concept to consider, there is literally no other way to interpret the data and the huge push to get everyone vaccinated. ESPECIALLY when we look into the history of these agencies and what they’ve done in the past. And sure enough, these “vaccines” that they “allegedly” want to “save everyone with” is loaded with dangerous chemicals/substances that are actually creating diseases and illnesses – as several scientists/doctors have come forward to testify about.

      My hopes in spreading articles like these, even if I don’t agree with everything stated, is to show that while there are different opinions, people are coming to the same conclusion: that these vaccines are unnecessary, and the very unscientific agenda to push out the concept of natural immunity is ridiculous and only aims to continue pumping us full of drugs and injections – something that the pharma industries and their cohorts benefit GREATLY from, while the rest of us suffer the side effects – to which we’d need more drugs to counteract those side effects, etc., etc., etc., creating an endless cycle and keeping us as customers for life. Making us sicker and sicker, dependent on them, and lining their pocket. Until we finally wake up and realize that this is the exact purpose of these institutions and refuse to take part in this system.

      And thank you for all of those informative links. While you and I are aware of the deception of these globalists, some others like Dr. Makary may not be quite there yet, but this shows me that they are slowly waking up to these crimes against humanity and are speaking out against it, even at the risk of losing their job. And we need as many vocal people speaking up as we can. My next post is going to highlight Doctors Ryan Cole and Dan Stock for their speeches at identifying these dangerous mandates and vaccines.

      Thank you again, James. I do appreciate your input and respect your opinion.
      – Crystal

      1. Hi Crystal,,
        You must of went to college or university,
        I mean that in a respectful way.
        Meaning you wrote back very nice and precise details.
        Yeah I agree the doctors are slowly waking up.
        My mom only knew what was happening with vaccines cause she would read and talk to people.
        I hope you like the article referenced as yummy “I didn’t reference it like that it’s not my article” But good information on the Graphene Oxide and Glutathione Levels.
        And Thanks For Posting my comment.
        Oh yeah 1 more thing, IF you didn’t know The vaccinated people in Italy Are Burning Their Health Passport Cards To Unite With The Unvaccinated People in Italy.
        This just started recently.
        So far I hear Alberta Canada , and Ireland Government, Say They can’t Isolate Covid-19,
        And Norway said: Covid-19 Pandemic Is No more in Norway and if other countries have to prepare that’s their business and
        Don’t forget here in Norway we Gave Away All OF Our Astra Zenca Vaccines From the Beginning , Since our citizens were not that interested in vaccines.

        Did you Here the Guy who exposed midazolam kills elderly people in United Kingdom was Murdered.
        He died this July 2021 ,
        Here’s an article about the midazolam.

        It’s A Spiritual Mental Battle.

        Were approaching or are in the end times,
        They say a great ReSet is Coming.


      2. Hi James,

        Thank you for the response and the compliment! I deeply appreciate it!

        And thanks for those additional links as well. I did read about the people burning their vaccine green passes, and thought it was absolutely beautiful and shows what standing in unity can do. It was very touching, and I appreciate all those individuals for standing up for freedom; even if they accepted the vaccines, they didn’t expect everyone else to and didn’t agree with the mandatory vaccine pass. I think once more and more people realize the sinister agenda that was placed onto these vaccine mandates and the lockdowns, there’ll be more people standing up against this tyranny and spreading awareness around so that those who are still in the dark will finally wake up out of this system and refuse to participate.

        There is a deep corruption infiltrating (if not already infiltrated) almost every aspect of our lives, and the sooner people recognize this, the sooner we can discern our way back to the right path. I DO NOT CONSENT to the egregious control measures that the global leaders are trying to initiate upon our lives, and I DO NOT CONSENT to this “great reset”. Whether these globalists believe they have the power and right to instill this onto the population or not is a moot point, because I will NEVER CONSENT to this outrageous abuse of “authority” and dictatorship.

        Thank you again for your comments and your dedication to staying informed and spreading awareness!
        – Crystal

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