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  1. Omg !! This is extremely unnerving. For two years I have been plagued with these things. I have been to the ER twice due to the area where these are under my skin itches so bad until I break open a place for them to get out. That was how this started. But all those sores on my legs became infected. The hospital did nothing whatsoever except shame me and tell me to call an exterminator, or psychiatrist. I heard them laughing at me and saying I was crazy, or just gross. I’ve seen 4 different primary care doctors who have all called me crazy without so much as a blood test or physical examination. I got dirty looks and a refusal to even call me to hear what was going on. I downloaded a magnifying app on my phone and I have seen these things standing up like a cobra saying back and forth, or completely flip around to escape the heat of the flashlight. I have around 100,000 pictures and bags and bags full of lint roller sheets that I have to use constantly to get these things off of me, my clothing and bedding. My whole life has changed. When you are standing in scalding hot water with a scrub brush in one hand and bottle of bleach in the other begging God to please help you, then you know you’ve reached a breaking point. I told my doctor who works at an outpatient mental health facility, yes, I played their little game. She suggested that I be put into a facility for a psychiatric stay. My psychiatrist said the same thing. The ONLY thing all of those people have done besides tell me I’m crazy is COVID TESTING !!! Five times !!! I have bottles full of samples as well and nobody will look at ANY of it. I begged them to please humor me and have the stuff evaluated by a lab and was hung up on. I called and infectious disease doctor after I had sprayed myself with mosquito repellant one day and looked down when I felt something move on my foot and it was wiggling but wider than the ones I had been seeing.. The website says travel medicine and I called, panicked and asked to speak with the nurse. She was extremely rude and uncaring, asking me for the diagnosis. It said that they treat people before travel, and if you’re not feeling well after travel just come on in and we will fix you ….. NOPE !! I was told to see a dermatologist and get a diagnosis in the form of a skin biopsy and then a referrals and call back. That was 8 months ago. I’ve been to the dermatologist and they were supposed to do a full body scan. She pulled out a cheap, plastic magnifying glass with lights and looked at 2 or 3 spots really fast and said that there’s nothing wrong with my skin except maybe a little psoriasis. And the itching was caused by constipation. I was 176 pounds when this started. I am now a little over 120. I feel like I’m dying a slow painful death. I look absolutely horrible and I can see trails under my skin. I have huge purple looking bags under my eyes, but you can also see the trails along my cheeks, forehead and side of my nose. They are in my sinus cavities and I have felt them moving. I took pictures and it didn’t like it at all and was moving a tentacle or something, trying to get away. It ended up flipping over a few times until I put it in a container. The last thing I have done, was a few months back, I live right by University of South Florida. So I looked at their website and they have a parasitology department with a number to make appointments. I called but reached the voicemail, so I decided to email them and went on to tell them what I’ve been through the last 2 years. They emailed back and said they are just a research department that occasionally gets called in for a consult !! That is total bullshit !! I don’t know what to do now. Im suffering. I rarely leave my room or the house because I am afraid to infect anyone. I wouldn’t wish this horror on anyone. I don’t cook, don’t wash my clothes, I can’t get these things out of them anyway. So I buy cheap clothes, new sheets anti itchy cream’s and try to stay away from the public as much as possible. This is hell !! Why are they refusing to help, and so quick to call me crazy.? I’m going crazy, but who wouldn’t after all this. I barely sleep from the itching, crawling feeling and can’t eat because I’m so nauseous. I was wondering if maybe they are doing this one purpose because of everything that’s going on around us. Either to distract or intentionally drive people crazy. I think all the time that this will end eventually but either they win or i will. Looks like they’re ahead. But population control ?? Mind control ??? I’ve also thought they’ve come in brand new clothes because I lint roll everything and a lot of it is covered in black fibers that itchy like crazy. Another thought,my mother and son are both sick like me and losing weight because they can’t eat. Maybe they are trying to reduce the need to deplete our food supply ? I don’t know, I wish I had answers or even one person who I could talk to that doesn’t put me down, call me crazy,disgusting or just completely distance themselves from me. They are lucky I have a conscience because I could be hanging out at bars, restaurants, gym, or touch things at the stores. But I only go where I absolutely have to and I am very cautious not to touch anything that I’m not buying. This is no way to live ???? if you have any ideas or insight I would love to hear it. Thank you for the video and reading this without passing judgements. I hope …..

    1. Hi Karen, definitely no judgement here.
      And sorry for the late reply, but I was actually working on a post that deals with this topic.
      I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Sofia Smallstorm? But she makes a connection that Morgellons just may be connected with gene-altering our DNA, and/or merging us with machine, like the transhumanists are so intent on doing. It’s hard to tell if this is true, since as you and Sofia said, Morgellons is a sensitive topic and very few doctors are willing to investigate this subject, but I believe it’s an incredibly important one.

      I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that ridicule and shaming, and suffering from this illness. It is incredibly unprofessional that this condition is not treated with more scientific & sincere rigor. I speculate that more of the mainstream doctors/scientists are told to ignore this subject and that it is nothing more than paranoid delusions. I do not believe this at all, and as a doctor should, actually take their patient’s account seriously and at least look at the evidence presented.

      The post I was working on is here: https://www.expandingawarenessrelations.com/sofia-smallstorm-warned-of-dna-genetic-altering-and-the-transhumanist-agenda-back-in-2011/ and I’m not sure if it will be a relief for you that proposes a possible answer, or induce panic. It is definitely not my intention to induce panic or fear. Only to present some information on what it may be. In fact, I think it’s interesting that you left that comment when I was already planning to do this topic (the tab was already opened in my browser).

      And if one of Sofia Smallstorm’s hypothesis is true, then you may be more lucky than the rest of us. In her presentation, she wonders if the people who are suffering from Morgellons are, in fact, rejecting the nanotechnology that is trying to integrate into all of us. As is claimed, we are surrounded by nanoparticles/nanotechnology that are so minuscule that it is invading every fiber of our being (no pun intended) even if we don’t realize it. Sofia wonders if those shedding the Morgellons is the body’s way of rejecting this invasion.

      And your theory that this substance may be in new clothes is not so far off the mark. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, but he has replied (in 2016) to a question asking when chips will be be implanted into us: “Certainly in the next ten years. And at first we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin. And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world.”https://odysee.com/@traductions.reinformation:50/klaus-schwab,-great-reset,-world:3

      Again, I can’t be sure of this, but one thing is clear – all of us should be working on being more aware of our body and what may be going on underneath the surface.

      I will keep researching this phenomenon and if I find something more, I will let you know. I have already heard about possible frequencies that may get rid of these substances, and some people have speculated if Ivermectin would work on these fibers since they work on parasitic illnesses… but since I’m not a doctor/scientist I cannot verify either of these suggestions.

      My heart is with you, Karen, and I hope we find out what this is soon and the proper treatment for it. If you want to share the photos with me, I would appreciate it and it would help me find out more about this topic. Just leave me a comment or feedback, and I will reach back out to you soon. One question I do have if you do get back to me, I noticed you said that you realized you had these things since 2 years ago. Was there a significant event that could have triggered this onset? I’m not sure if this could be set off by consuming something, moving to a specific place, taking certain medications/injections, surgery… Since there seemed to be no indication of Morgellons before the 2 years, I wonder what could have been the catalyst to initiate it.

      Anyways, thank you again for sharing.
      Much love and prayers,

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