How Do We Find the Truth?

What if the “truth” we see, is built upon lies?

In this day and age, it seems that no matter where we turn, we’re confronted with “misinformation”, “fake news”, “deepfakes”, etc., etc., etc.

Where does it end? How do we get to the truth?

Being as this site is named: “Expanding Awareness Relations”, my first rule of thumb is to present the Truth. And with that came the investigation into how to find it.

But I didn’t realize what a wild ride it would take me on.

During my own time, I like to look up information and research different topics that interest me and that are a concern for the world.


An unsettling realization came over me when digging into certain subjects. Mainly that, the more I started looking, studying, researching… the closer I got to looking at (what I thought was) the “truth”, the more it looked to be lies, falsehoods, fabrications, embellishments; tightly woven together to give an impression of truth.

It took me aback. It made me come to the cold, chilling revelation that perhaps the things we’re being told, or have learned/been conditioned with, are not true at all.

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I have already made a post about the news media, When News Media Lies, but this topic stretches even further back. Back into our history, ancient civilization, even the beginning of “time”.

Think about it.

We all had to come from somewhere, right?

Whoever was the first man to walk upon the Earth knew the beginning. Where did he come from? Are we to really believe that man evolved from primates? And even if that were the case, where did the primates come from? Or any of the creatures living on this planet in general? Just randomly created particles and atoms that developed further and further until it became the life that we know today?

For that matter (ha! See what I did there?), where did consciousness come from?

It is becoming more and more clear that consciousness is an extremely important point that we need to address. We also need to seriously contemplate consciousness as having the answers to the many questions posed around us. And although scientists, researchers, philosophers, etc. have been studying this topic for centuries, I feel as if we still haven’t even scratched the surface of what this phenomena entails.

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Now, I won’t get into the discussion about what consciousness is (yet… but look out for a post that delves into this mystery later), since this topic is about discovering the “truth”.

So… the beginning of time (as we know it). Homo sapiens eventually came in to the knowledge of consciousness and the study of the nature around us. All of our current beliefs have formed and developed since the beginning. It either evolved, or stayed the same. Each of us have our origins and our ancestors.

And our ancestors had their ancestors. And so on and so forth. A family tree, if you will. This goes on since, literally, the beginning of our time. We are ALL a part of someone who lived from the beginning. My parents had their own parents, they had parents of their own, etc., etc.

Now, imagine a group of people who DO know their history and their ancestry, and the truth of the beginning of human beings on the planet. Is it that farfetched to believe that a certain group of people or peoples could know exactly where they’re from? And if you wanted to continue your heritage and lineage, you would want to make sure your descendants understand your beliefs and keep it alive, right? What if the truth is significant, and those that know it want to keep it from the rest of the world?

Just an interesting proposal for people to consider.

Misinformation, Lies and Deception

In this section, the focus is on how easy it is to be misled from believing one thing, to another, to another… and so on and so forth.

For example, in our current time, we are dealing with a “covid” crisis that presents us with so many conflicting “data”, “facts”, “information”, that it’s hard to tell what to believe and what could possibly be an agenda to something deeper and stranger than we are willing to accept.

Conspiracy theorist?

Mmmm… maybe. (Or maybe not.)

– that the term “conspiracy theorist” was popularized and used by the C.I.A. in their dispatch report with the aim to “provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists.”? – CIA dispatch report

– that the C.I.A. encouraged “employing propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics”? – CIA dispatch report

– that the C.I.A. partnered with, and I quote, “liaison and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)…and urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation?” (according to whom…?) –
CIA dispatch report

Did you know that there are 15 former CIA/FBI/national intelligence agents that are employed at CNN/MSNBC? (reported from, dated Aug 23, 2019).

Conspiracy theories?

Nope. Just cold, hard facts.

But perhaps this judgment is unfair.

In a plot twist of events, let’s give the C.I.A. and the news media the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say that whatever they’ve reported or allegedly covered up was an honest-to-goodness mistake.

No, really, bear with me.

So, even if that was the case, how would that explain all these other “conspiracy theories” that turned out to be true?:

Operation Northwoods –  “a plan by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to commit acts of domestic terrorism on home soil and blame it on Cuba.” “The plan was ultimately rejected by President Kennedy. Some contend that this was what led to his assassination.”

Gulf of Tonkin incident – a staged attack to give the US a reason to wage war on Vietnam. The “incident” was swiftly spun by media and politicians as a ruse for entering the war.” “By 1969 over 500,000 American troops were involved in the war effort.”

CIA Mind Control – MK-Ultra – program in which the CIA ran mind control experiments on citizens from 1950 to 1973, according to official documentation.” “CIA veteran Victor Marchetti reported that CIA mind control continues and the abandonment of the program was a mere cover up.”

Information from:

The CIA Controlled Journalists and the Media – otherwise known as Operation Mockingbird, is a CIA program, stated by Katherine Graham, “that paid or threatened movers and shakers of many, if not all, of the most popular news outlets in America.” And that “the media was controlled as a tool by political operatives at one time (at least).”

International Elite Gather Together Regulary – most of these “conspiracy theories” used to be scoffed at by… well, the majority of people. Until they’re proven true. The Bilderberg meetings involves a group of “high-ranking figures” that meet once a year. “Although the guest lists for these meetings are typically not a secret, the discussions that take place are. Past guests have included monarchs, high-ranking politicians, senior military officials, economic leaders, and powerful journalists.”

It Wasn’t Hitler’s Skull – Hitler is widely believed to have killed himself in 1945. Luckily, the Russian government just happened to have a remnant of Hitler’s “purported” skull. “Long purported to be Hitler’s skull, the tests revealed that the skull was actually that of a young woman. Ironically, the tests were done to lessen the credibility of the conspiracy theorists.”

Information from:

Okay, so, granted, giving them the benefit of the doubt didn’t last long.

Perhaps you’ll say that they might have perfectly reasonable explanations for relying on underhanded tactics to gain the advantage. And I might even agree with you, to a certain point. If the event is legitimately a threat, and not simply an excuse as a means to gain some corrupted form of power (as an example…).

Investigate, Research

As with everything, I encourage everyone to not just believe these accounts being told, but to do their own research as well. It is time consuming, which is why I think a lot of people will just believe the report coming from someone else, especially if they are an expert in their field. After all, they have credibility, reputation, experience…

However, one thing we need to seriously consider is if these experts have people’s best interest in mind. I don’t think one realizes how easy it is to be bribed and/or threatened. Or, for that matter, the (lack of) moral compass of an individual who will do things in the name of science, greed or power (or all of the above).

With that being said, with simply trusting others to give us the information, it gives us free time to do our own hobbies, errands, work, etc. But honestly, this does everyone a disservice. This is keeping us uninformed and following along with whatever agenda could be propagated. Most people might not care, yet, until it becomes too far. And by then, we just have to hope it’s not too late. Which is why the sooner we open our eyes and look around to realize what’s going on, the better.

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To make matters even more complicated, there’s the unfortunate problem of people simply not believing the truth when it hits them.

In one personal experience, while relating some of the dubious events going on in the world, I told this person straight up, “Yes. “So and so” admitted, on camera, that what people are saying about him is TRUE.”, he still gave me this look like he couldn’t believe what I was saying. I told him, “Watch the video. It’s right there.” 

It was a simple matter of him not wanting to believe it. People will still cling on to their disbelief and wonder, “Well, why? It doesn’t make sense.” and that’s exactly why the truth escapes some people and they’re easy to mislead.

And that’s another excellent question to ask.

“Why?” It’s important to contemplate (as “wild” and “crazy” as some theories sound) the different possibilities of why an event would be twisted to conform to a specific point of view.

Digging Deeper

That brings me to this following case, which, I didn’t want to believe this author’s account, because anytime there’s a possibility of further understanding of the Bible, it immediately intrigues me. (Even if this evidence seems to contradict the Bible. The Gnostic Gospel is something I’ve been digging into, as well as other cultural religions. Learning about different facets of our history, heritage, past, etc. would be a huge stepping stone in learning the truth.) But because of the overwhelming connections and evidence he presented, it was almost impossible to deny.

It’s probably one of the most in-depth researches I’ve seen to get to the truth, or at least reveal more information to provide more background on a particular topic (of extreme importance to many people), and is reported by Ariel Sabar with his investigation into the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” papyrus that Karen King presented in 2012.

This article – “The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife“, uncovered a lot of detail about where this papyrus allegedly came from. Tracking down the provenance and the identity of who submitted this artifact took him to many places across the globe, including Massachusetts, Rome, Florida, and Germany. And yes, while Sabar had the means to visit these places as his role was to specifically research this potentially significant turning point in our history (his job being designated by the Smithsonian), a lot of us would be hard pressed to find the time and resources available to do this. But looking at all of his observations and investigations, provides us with a good example on what a great journalist/reporter should be doing:

Researching. Digging. Questioning.

It’s also important to have some personal qualities as well:

Integrity. Critical thinking skills. Perseverance.

(I should add, even though his findings were that of a probable forgery, that still doesn’t discount other “clues” that the Bible might be withholding more secrets than we thought possible. (Or that others are withholding information from the Bible, or about the Bible…))

But his journalism and efforts to reveal the findings behind this papyrus go above and beyond what I, personally (and I’m sure many others), are used to seeing in news reports. And, to add even further conundrums, in order to believe Sabar’s account, we would have to submit ourselves to the same exact research on his credibility, as well as reach out to Karen King and Walter Fritz ourselves to really start to understand the truth, instead of automatically believing someone else’s account.

…See how complicated it is? But this is the best way to get to the bottom of a subject. (And, at one point in this papyrus saga, according to Walter Fritz, all of his contacts were, sadly (but conveniently?), no longer among the living, so was impossible to get their testimonies…)

What is a Deepfake?

To wrap up, I leave you with these videos of deepfakes, in case some of you were wondering what that was:

In today’s age, technology is so far advanced that we can never be too sure that what we’re seeing is actually reality…

Which is why it’s more important than ever to learn how to get to the truth.

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