The Questionable Actions of Rachel Levine – Joe Biden’s Pick for Assistant Secretary of Health

Who’s REALLY in control, here?

Just to be absolutely clear, my post is not aimed at Rachel Levine’s actions regarding her transition. For the record, I honestly could care less what one chooses to do with their life AS LONG AS IT’S NOT IMPOSING ON OTHERS.

However, that’s not the case here, is it?

No. No it’s not.

All it takes for corrupt agencies to get their way, is for one person in an authoritative position to say ‘yes’. And that’s exactly what we see with Rachel Levine (as well as Mr. governor Cuomo and plenty of others).

Levine and the rest of of the Pennsylvania health department is under fire for a policy requiring state nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients or face state disciplinary procedures

Transgender Pennsylvania Health Director Melts Down In Press Conference After Reporter Uses Wrong Pronoun

And, as The American Spectator covered in-depth: Pennsylvania’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Scandal with the same sentimentality posed in this article, I have to bring attention to the interaction that happened between Mr. Marty Griffin and Rachel Levine:

Griffin: How do you respond, doctor, to the conjecture that your response is jeopardizing the health and well-being of seniors by moving them into nursing facilities even if they’re no longer COVID positive, sir?
Levine: So please don’t misgender me.
Griffin: I’m so sorry.
Levine: It’s really insulting.
Griffin: I apologize. It’s not malicious. I apologize. I’m so sorry.

The absolute disregard for the subject matter that actually cost thousands of innocent, vulnerable people their lives – the very same people that this nation-wide imposed lockdown was supposed to protect – was overridden and overshadowed by the hurt feelings of the “yes-woman” put in charge of issuing this mandate.

Keep in mind that this is the same person who removed her own mother from one of these nursing home facilities and to a safer-environment, while subjecting thousands of others at the mercy of this ridiculous policy. Yet the one thing certain media outlets wanted to harp on was not the devastating effects of this egregious guideline, but the possibly unintentional address of a reporter to a transgendered person.

Another thing to note, is that this interview was allegedly during a phone call – with no video. So one would not even be able to visually see the person responding. Why does this matter?

Well see (don’t see) for yourself:

On the black screen we have an audio recording of a person’s voice. I would recommend listening to the audio first before you click on the “Mystery Voice” tab, to see if you can determine who it may belong to. Male or female. Yes, we have an agenda to change history, science definitions and gender norms, but for the sake of what we’re all used to, let’s try this “media social experiment” (and this is in no way meant to mock or shame anyone’s voice – just to indicate how tricky it can be to determine by hearing alone):

LISTEN TO THE BLACK SCREEN FIRST (before seeing who the mystery voice belongs to) :

For the record, the last two singers were amazing. Love their voices. And as added information, Mystery Voice #6 is a female-to-male transitioning back to female and has had her voice altered through the effects of the transitioning chemicals.

So how did you do? Were you able to pretty much accurately picture who the voice belonged to? No, it doesn’t matter in the long run, does it? And it’s easy to “misidentify” someone based on voice alone. Especially if undergoing specific changes to one’s body.

The fact of the matter is, without a visual indicator, it’s extremely hard to determine which voice we might be addressing, and out of an effort to be polite, we’ve been taught to use proper, courteous grammar in these respects. I fully feel as if Marty Griffin was genuinely trying to be respectful, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we would realize that we could easily make the same unintended offense. With everyone’s misguided efforts to be “politically correct” in order not to offend anybody (especially with the ever-changing, and quite frankly, unorthodox, “rules” we’re all inundated with)… we’ve lost sight of what REALLY matters.

And what we should be focusing on and expressing our frustration at are these outrageous, ridiculous guidelines and policies that are hurting and upending millions of people’s lives. It is unreal the backlash Mr. Griffin received in regards to this situation. His verbal mishap (whether it was intentional or not) received so much more condemnation than an order that led to several thousand deaths within the elderly community.

Miss, Mister, Sir, Madam, black, white, yellow, purple, short, tall, male, female, trans, cis, he, she, ze, zir…. etc, etc, etc – is that what we’re really putting all of our attention to? Shouldn’t it be just to love each other for who we are and do the right thing; and it’s COMMON SENSE not to put covid-infected patients in a nursing care home? It was enough of an indicator that this would obviously put the elderly at risk of this illness that Rachel Levine would remove her own mother from the facility, and you can’t tell me that this decision did not have any bearing at all on her or her mother’s decision to be moved. I believe in coincidences, but in my humble opinion, this was most definitely not one.

We can see that Rachel Levine was obviously concerned enough to have her mother removed, knowing the repercussions of this mandate, but the heart-breaking aftereffects of anyone else’s family, or the individual themselves did not deter this order from being carried out. Instead of doing the right thing and refusing to follow-through with this, we now have thousands of tragic deaths attributed to this move. (Another non-coincidence, in my opinion.) This is what matters, and this is why it is unbelievable that Rachel Levine would be hand-picked as assistant secretary of health, not because of her transition decision.

But I surmise that this is exactly why she was picked. The fact that her lifestyle would add to the long line of diversity that Biden’s administration is looking for (this seems to be first-and-foremost on their mind, and not if the individual is qualified to do the job…), and the fact that she is a “yes-woman” – since she will carry out any mandate they give her, regardless of how inhumane it is.

Now, on the human side of things, one has to wonder if these people carrying out these procedures are forced to do so, either through manipulation, fear, coercion, etc. Of course, blackmail/bribery could probably be a huge factor, and perhaps some feel pressured through other means that we’re not quite aware of.

(However, if the below article is true, I think there might be additional things people should worry about…
Citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: YOU ARE BEING IMPRISONED BY A SELF-MUTILIATING MADMAN )

So, another important question we have to ask ourselves is: Who is really enforcing the orders for these authority personnel to carry out? Where are these policies and procedures coming from? What agency(agencies) give the directives?

Back in 2015, a few members of Kamala Harris’ staff were accused of trying to infiltrate the Los Angeles police force.

Aide to California state attorney accused of running an occult police force claiming to be 3,000 years old

NOTE: I want to point out, that while trying to search for Joe Biden on video specifically speaking about picking Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of health, I have not found one as of yet. All we have are “statements” and of course the numerous “EO”s that Joe Biden is allegedly signing (without knowing what he’s signing, apparently?… Either that, or he’s being forced to sign it.) These are my observations and opinions, and may be false, so please take it with a grain of salt. Just wanted to indicate how odd it is that between Kamala Harris’ alleged infiltration agency to the ordeal we have today, I would not be surprised…

Why am I so triggered about this?

Because of Rachel Levine’s and Andrew Cuomo’s orders, and those of others as well who have made or followed through with these inane decisions, thousands are dead at the hands of knowingly putting in covid positive patients within the same facility. YET, we who are not positive, and/or are asymptomatic (which Anthony Fauci himself has admitted that asymptomatic people are very unlikely to transmit diseases and that they are NEVER the driver of an outbreak), are not allowed to visit our family members who are in the hospital, or anywhere else for that matter – even if they don’t have covid either. We are being kept separated from them and advised to not even see them during special holidays and occasions, yet it is perfectly okay to put known positive individuals with the same vulnerable people. This is absolutely unconscionable and I cannot believe the absurd hypocrisy of those enforcing these regulations.

And the argument that there may be no other place to put covid positive individuals does not hold water when you take into account the many times the media has lied to us about the “hectic chaos” surrounding hospitals, and the overwhelmed nurses/doctors (many, many dancing tiktok videos…) and the extra facilities (this particular one cost $21 million) they put up that went largely unused, if at all.

(And if there are overwhelmed hospitals/nurses/etc., my speculation is that all patients are specifically directed there in order to give certain news media fodder that “yes, it is indeed busy”.)

Not to mention the questionable narrative about the covid situation to begin with.

Methinks we’re all being lied to, one way or the other.

Stay strong and stay safe, everyone. Love to you all.

Fact checking is extremely important. I want to reiterate not to take everything at face value; no matter what you read, where you read it from, or who you hear it from. And to be clear, do not rely on “fact checking” websites to give you accurate information either. These are just as likely, (if not even more likely…), to feed false information and false debunking accounts to manipulate the reader. Please take everything into consideration before adhering to a certain narrative – and always keep your mind open to other possibilities.

Fair use disclaimer: Some of the links from this article are provided from different sources/sites to give the reader extra information and cite the sources, but does not necessarily mean that I endorse the contents of the site itself. Additionally, I have tried to provide links to the contents that I used from other sites as an educational and/or entertainment means only; if you feel that any information deserves further citation or request to be clarified, please let me know through the contact page.

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