Is Unconditional Love Enabling “Wrong” Behavior?

Can we be loving, yet judge at the same time?

I was forced to think about this question when confronted by some in today’s society of “complete acceptance” of others no matter what views, thoughts, belief systems, etc. that we’re presented with.

However, that’s not entirely true, is it?

Let’s take a specific initiative, to… oh, I don’t know, let’s say, allow people (even children as young as three…) to change their naturally born genetic being into that of something different. Because, as we all know, children as young as three can definitely make up their own mind about things that are so far beyond their concept that to not allow it is an obvious affront to humankind. (In other words, how DARE we not allow a three year old to make up their mind about what kind of person they want to be? And how DARE we just not accept that a parent could be so cavalier as to make up their own mind about what kind of child they have before the child even develops their own mind to decide what’s right for them; while defying all scientific and biological evidence stating otherwise?)

But I digress. The issue here is, while there are some agendas being forced down everyone’s throat to just accept as “normal” even though every line of reason and common sense says otherwise, these very same people cannot accept our own points of views that don’t agree with their beliefs. We are expected to just fall in line and accept that these strange ulterior motives are for the betterment of humankind, but yet where is the acceptance of those who won’t cave in to this societal pressure? Why can’t this ideology of tolerance and patience/acceptance apply to people whose views don’t align with this new push to normalize… well, anything “they” want to?

And thus, my thoughts on this matter compelled me to think about complete, unconditional, unquestioning love for our fellow… people. (Can’t say “man” anymore, can I? Because that will trigger certain people and, God forbid, I can’t do that, can I? Oh, I suppose I shouldn’t say “God”, either, because that will trigger certain people too. Is there anything people can say that won’t trigger anyone? When did we become such a “trigger happy” society anyway? – Oh, that’s right. This whole narrative of division is cooked up by tptsb so we can perpetually be at each other’s throats for incredibly inane things instead of what really matters. It’s becoming clear now.)

My point is, while I agree that Love is the most important factor in the universe, is it possible to Love without condemning, but also reprimand if we know that the direction people are heading into isn’t right? Is it our place to judge? How do we even know what’s right and wrong in today’s world anyway with all of these excessive changes and expectations to conform no matter what?

20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.
Isaiah 5:20-21

As I was looking for the answer for this, I realize that there are many different opinions and we still may not know which is right, but I do have opinions of my own.

Now, to allow people to just do whatever they want, in an effort to not judge or disrespect a difference of view, may, in fact, be doing more harm than good. What is more loving? Allowing one to do whatever they want with seemingly no repercussion at all? Or loving them enough to try and get through to them that perhaps what they are doing is not morally/ethically right?

Even if you are not of the religious/spiritual belief, I’m sure there are still certain societal constructs that you don’t believe in and wouldn’t participate in. Does it mean you’re not accepting? Not tolerant? Not loving?

No, not at all. It means all of us have our own views and opinions, whether they are from logical reasoning and/or our own understanding of morality, or whether they come from a religious belief or upbringing. And in some of those upbringings/belief structures, there ARE wrong teachings, to be frank.

And in my beliefs (not religious – but I do believe in a Supreme Being, God, Creator – Love is the driving force in the universe), I believe that there are spiritual ramifications for the actions that we take on Earth. It is my love for humankind that compels me to call out grievances when I see it, because it is their SOUL that I care about. If I didn’t care about people and the possible consequences that they might be accosted with (when they crossover) I wouldn’t be addressing this topic.

Is it my place, or anyone’s, to accost this subject and the people who may need to rethink the trajectory of their life?

11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
Ephesians 5:11

I say as fellow humans, we have a right to call out those who are participating in immoral/wicked deeds. There is an agenda to turn what is wrong into “good” and “good” into wrong, as we can see in today’s society. But there is a way to approach it; not to condemn, but to try and be clear, direct but not confrontational, loving and patient, but still firm and reasonable. This might help to appeal to those who are misled or indoctrinated into this belief system.

But, we have to be aware that there are possibly people who are corrupted to the core and who are deliberately instigating these outrageous, sinful agendas for a purpose that many of us won’t quite understand yet. These people bank on the idea that they can manipulate the public and get the majority of the population into a specific mindset, no matter how ridiculous and egregious it may seem.

THIS is what we must stand against.

2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

We can still be unconditionally loving, yet be set against wrongdoing and wickedness. And we can address this corruption in an honest, open and conducive way. While some may believe that there is no “spirituality” or anything after life and so they don’t take a stand either way – or even more disturbing, they’re a part of the corrupt agenda, we must realize that there are people that “wake-up”, in a manner of speaking (and I don’t mean the “woke” culture that is so prevalent nowadays and essentially harming our society), and they work towards exposing this evil motive.

The tale of Ronald Bernard, for example, is a heart-wrenching one, and a very scary glimpse into the world of the so-called “higher” class – and I can only hope that this gentleman is legitimate and not hiding an ulterior plan. (To be fair, I wish he was lying through his teeth and that people don’t do what he claims, but sadly, the wickedness of the human heart is probably much darker than some would want to believe…)

Testimony of Ronald Bernard about heavily damaged children and our liberation

“To me, what’s most remarkable about Ronald Bernard’s testimony is how he recognizes and treasures the wounded child inside each person, no matter how evil or hateful he has become.”
Ronald Bernard testifies again. Hard to swallow; hard to fathom; immensely courageous and compassionate.

Not accusing any of the below people as “evil” or “hateful”, but since there is so much controversy always surrounding those in high political positions, wanted to highlight a few of them:

Donald Trump – pic from
Barack Obama – pic from
Hillary Clinton – pic from Childhood Biography

How beautiful and sweet are these children? No matter how they grow up and which decisions they make, we all start out as innocent children. How about we love and appreciate them for who they are instead of trying to convince them that they need to act and/or BE a certain way to be accepted? (And how about we stop letting corrupt adults corrupt our children?)

9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9

Ultimately, I believe that we all will be judged by a higher being, whether it be our own higher self or the Universal Creator. God knows what’s inside our hearts. And I would love it if more and more people would start to look within and start caring more for their fellow people. Care enough to call out wickedness and deception when we see it – instead of just tolerating it “out of love” (or not caring at all / or too scared to go against the narrative…), and help to set us all on the “right” path.

Fact checking is extremely important. I want to reiterate not to take everything at face value; no matter what you read, where you read it from, or who you hear it from. And to be clear, do not rely on “fact checking” websites to give you accurate information either. These are just as likely, (if not even more likely…), to feed false information and false debunking accounts to manipulate the reader. Please take everything into consideration before adhering to a certain narrative – and always keep your mind open to other possibilities.

Fair use disclaimer: Some of the links from this article are provided from different sources/sites to give the reader extra information and cite the sources, but does not necessarily mean that I endorse the contents of the site itself. Additionally, I have tried to provide links to the contents that I used from other sites as an educational and/or entertainment means only; if you feel that any information deserves further citation or request to be clarified, please let me know through the contact page.

Featured image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome

Are there times we step out of our “regular personality”?

Are you one of those people that can stay true to yourself no matter if you’re all by yourself or in a group of people? Or do you find yourself adjusting your personality to fit the mold of others?

Have you ever changed your personality to deliberately goad others? Some people change their personality to try and please others. The “people pleaser”. And then others change from a relatively shy person to an outgoing one if the need arises. Once the particular event is over, they revert back to their withdrawn, quiet persona. The same can be said with a person who’s normally outgoing, but shows a timid, quiet side depending on the situation.

Is this simply attributed to the mood we’re in? Perhaps it is still our natural personality, and the mood we’re in dictates what kind of personality trait we’re experiencing at the time. It doesn’t mean our personality is different or has changed, right?

I think there are different factors we have to consider when going into this subject. After all, are any of us truly ourselves at all times? And what does this particular question mean? How do we know our “true personality” to begin with?

Most of the times I like to consider myself a sweet, caring person. Am I like that all the time? Certainly not! I wish I was, but the fact of the matter is that I (as do us all) have a darker, more cynical side that once in awhile comes out. I try to learn after I have these outbursts or thoughts that I’d rather not have, and I think that’s the key. Knowing that we’re not “perfect” but striving to do better each time anyway. Own up to the mishaps, learn from them, but don’t dwell on them. Forgive yourself, and work towards a kinder, more compassionate response next time.

Now, the real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome is deeper than our personalities just not jiving with how we “normally” are. People will have their good days and their bad days. That doesn’t make them a “bad person” or a “good person”. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they have a dissociative identity disorder.

Mr. Nice Guy Turned Bad Boy

My sister has seen the kindest customer day in and day out (a regular) turn into a rude, frustrated individual. She never would have expected this behavior from him, but can she hold it against him? “Normally” he’s kind and sweet, but after one too many orders being wrong and having to wait all the time because he’s the “nice customer”, and a company would rather a nice customer wait than an angry, bitter one, it must have finally crossed his threshold and he let it be known. Even my sister felt bad for him that he had to reach this limit. She didn’t hold it against him, and she even sympathized with him and understood his frustration.

Why do we take advantage of “nice people” in this way? Is it because we “know” that we won’t get retaliated against? That they would just put up with the bad behavior and we’d still have a nice person on our hands? Do people consider these nice, kind people as pushovers that we can just step all over?

Well, in this case, the unintentional neglect went too far and the normally nice customer finally unleashed his suppressed frustration that has undoubtedly accumulated for who knows how many months or even years.

My sister related to me how they were knowingly setting him aside so they could take care of other, more impatient customers. So his eventual outburst was sadly not so surprising. And she felt bad about being an unsuspecting catalyst to his brief transformation.

After his irritated display, he still remained a regular customer and was treated much better after his recent outburst. Sad that it had to come to that, but for some reason, this whole dichotomy of treating angry, bitter people better than polite, respectful ones still remains persistent. Sure some don’t give in to this “rule”, but the amount of “nice” people getting the short end of the stick can unfortunately still be seen in abundance in today’s society.

Has this happened to you? Have you seen a case of someone who is normally considered nice and respectful all of a sudden fly off the handle and tell people what they really think? It is a sight to behold, that is for sure, because one wouldn’t expect it coming from them. And that’s exactly why this situation comes as more of a shock than from someone we already know is rude and condescending.

Angel vs. Devil

Although the real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome deals with the dissociative or split personality disorder, sometimes I feel as if everyone has days where they are not their “normal” selves. The allegory of the devil/angel on the shoulder has been depicted as one’s conscience being split into two parts. The devil, of course, trying to tempt the host to choose the wrong path. And the angel, trying to steer the host into doing the right thing.

Angel and devil depicted on Kronk's shoulders.

Disney’s Kronk’s New Groove

Angel and devil depicted on Ash's shoulders from Army of Darkness.

   Army of Darkness

Angel and devil depicted on a My Little Pony character.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Choosing between the angel and devil has been a running joke in and out of the media, from Disney movies to horror/comedy films to children’s TV shows, etc. But the message is a relatable recurring battle between choosing to do the right thing, or being tempted to do the wrong thing. The scary thing is, both of these urging seems to come from within.

An interesting thing to note, is certain religions believe that there is an evil spirit residing within, and a good one, who is always with the person and prompts them to do evil or good.

Take Islam, for example. Muslims believe that each person has two companions that are constantly with them, the evil jinn (qareen) and the good angel. Both of these beings are simultaneously working on each person to either lead them into sin (the qareen’s work) or lead them to follow Allah (the God of Muslims) which is the angel’s work. These are quite literally the “devil and angel” on one’s shoulder.

Another example within religion that believes that everyone has two beings (one good/one evil) that resides within each of us is Judaism. The yetzer hatov, an angel whose influence is toward the good and is depicted on the right side, and the yetzer hara, an angel whose influence is toward sin and wickedness and who is depicted on the left side.

And that’s another thing to take into account. In a lot of religions and in the media examples I gave above, these angel and devil placements are usually always with the good inclination being on the “right side”, and the bad inclination on the “left side”.

Personal Battle with my Conscience and Inner Demon

A spooky and real tale that I’d like to relate to you all, is when I had my own inner battle with two opposing forces trying to lead me into making specific choices. I was very aware of this moment, which is why I can tell it pretty clearly.

I was at a gas station and going to withdraw some cash from the ATM. I had my 3 year old son with me at the time. As I reached the machine, before I even put my card in, I noticed 60 dollars sticking out of it that someone forgot to take.

Instantly I heard a voice inside my head say, “Woah, nice! Free 60 bucks.”

I kid you not when I say that this voice was coming from my left side.

Then, in a much quieter voice, and not condemning at all but just politely saying, I heard coming from my right side, “But it doesn’t belong to you.”

Sure enough, the voice on the left piped up and said, “Yeah, but imagine what you could do with that 60 bucks.”

I was literally listening to these two inner voices having a debate on why I should or should not take the money. I already knew what decision I was going to make, but it was fascinating to me that I could literally stand there while this inner dialogue was going on inside my head. And, to be honest, even though I knew I was going to turn the money in, I was tempted to keep it.

The “good voice” spoke up in opposition to the “bad voice”, “What if it was the last 60 dollars that the person has?”

The bad voice argued, “They couldn’t have needed it that much if they left it. Just take it. No one’s going to know.”

And again the good voice would chime in with a reason why I shouldn’t, “It’s wrong.”

I have to say, the good voice did not tell me outright to “not take it”. The good voice always came back with a reason or a statement why I shouldn’t. They did not command me to do anything. The bad voice, however, told me straight up to take the money.

Making the Right Choice

While the debate was raging on, again, I had already made up my mind to turn the money in. And I used this event as a teachable moment for my son and told him, “Uh oh. Someone left 60 dollars in the ATM machine. We need to turn this in.” So I went to the teller and turned in the 60 dollars and let them know that someone left it in the machine, so hopefully they come back for it.

Now, I knew the teller could have just pocketed the money. But I wanted to do the right thing and hoped for the benefit of the doubt that the teller would do the right thing as well. After all, they probably had security cameras around so it might be tough for them to just pocket it without getting caught. I really don’t know. But my conscience was clear and after I turned the money in, the voices went away.

It was the only clear moment I had where I could literally hear the good (right) side and the bad (left) side battle for what I should do. I found it incredible and have never forgotten that moment. And I have to remind you, the good voice was quiet. Almost inaudible. So imagine since the bad voice was so dominant, if people just don’t normally hear the good voice and so they are more prone to listening to the only voice they can hear. “Oh yeah! Taking the money does sound like a great idea! It’s a gift for being such a good person. Sweet!”

Different Online Personalities

Being behind a screen seems to offer some semblance of safety and anonymity. This relaxed, carefree attitude allows one to let go a bit of their personality, and delve into a persona that’s quite different than the one they would normally display in real life.

Take this website for instance.

On some posts, I advocate love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and so on. The “good” personality. The Dr. Jekyll. Polite, courteous, kind.

Then, on the other hand, while not completely off the rails as a Mr. Hyde personality, there is the cynic, sarcastic, not-so-polite trait that I sometimes embody to get certain points across in my posts. Am I cynical, sarcastic and impolite in real life? (sometimes…) But most of the time I’m learning and growing just like everybody else and trying to spread love and awareness wherever I go.

Certain posts that I make are a stark contrast to what I would like to represent in real life. (And make no mistake, once in a while I let a Mr. Hyde loose in real life as well, once I reach my certain limit. Again, of course not as drastic as the Mr. Hyde depicted in the novel.) Is this a one-off?

Nope. I make no bones about willingly continuing to showcase this other side of me. After all, I know this is not my “evil side”. It is simply a different point of view that I have that might not align perfectly with my “holy side”. And while our time here on Earth should lead us to make fewer and fewer mistakes, allowing ourselves to be human and show emotions is part and parcel to our life here as well. And I know I’m trying my best in most cases to take the high road and learn from my mistakes.

Also, these two different personalities I delve into on this website is a far cry from the characters that I used to partake in when I was younger.

Confessions of a Teenager

When I see others on the internet taking on the “troll” persona, I completely understand where they’re coming from. Before I changed from a violent, angry person into the person that I am today, I used to partake in all kinds of internet shenanigans. I’m not proud of them, but I know when to admit that I used to be just like the average troll you see today. Perhaps that’s why I can sympathize with them too.

In fact, my internet shenanigans took me from all over the place – that of a sweet, caring, innocent, cute little girl, to a brutal, sailor-mouthed, sarcastic man-hater, to a man that didn’t give two craps about anyone else. I played all kinds of different personalities and definitely let my inner Hyde out on a few unsuspecting internet users. Poor people. What they must have thought of me.

Was this just a way for me to escape realism? Was it a way for me to release steam on people that I couldn’t see and therefore did not care about them as real people with feelings? Perhaps. Perhaps I was a troubled young teen and had no direction. My parents didn’t realize I had retreated into this unusual lifestyle. And I certainly didn’t tell them about it. Was it their fault I was like this? Not in the slightest. I don’t blame them at all. It was my choice to take on this different route, and I was the one pushing others away.

The Inner Hyde Tries to Unleash

Slowly but surely, my inner Hyde was taking over my life. With or without the internet, my real life was taking me on a stroll to the dark side. What was once normal journal entries were turning into rants, rages, wishes for severe violence inflicted upon people I thought deserved it. I was filled with such hatred and vehemence, that I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. I am not even sure where all this anger and animosity came from. And although I had a relatively loving family, I could feel myself turning on them and withdrawing even further into my hostility towards everyone.

The weird part of it was, I didn’t even realize how dark I was turning until a moment of clarity (divine intervention, I call it) happened while I was at work. I was in my mid-20’s at this point, slowly heading towards a dark and violent spiral. I was working in retail and had a customer that was frustrating me to no end. She kept asking me the same questions over and over and over. She wasn’t remembering anything I was telling her and I was getting so irritated with her that I was just going to simply walk away. I was getting rude, abrupt, talking to her with such condescension, and honestly was just about to leave. I kept thinking to myself, “What the hell is wrong with this lady? I’m telling her over and over again and she’s not listening! Why is she so stupid!?”


But then, out of nowhere, certainly not my thoughts because it was so clouded with bitterness and annoyance, I heard in the back of my mind, “She has early Alzheimer’s.”

The voice was not judgemental. It was not condemning. It was not angry. It simply stated it as a matter of fact. Not rude. Not sweet. Just was. Just telling this poor, clueless, lost clerk why this lady couldn’t understand what she was being told.

I was so shocked, and immediately changed my tune, taking care of her fully this time and was patient with her until we figured the situation out. She thanked me for being so kind to her even though I was so rude to her just minutes before, which only made me feel worse, because she was a really nice lady and I couldn’t believe the way I treated her. After she left, I went to the back room, and cried.

I probably cried and sobbed for a good fifteen minutes just wondering what it was that happened to me and how I became the way I was. I was ashamed at the way I treated the lady; I was ashamed that it took a voice from an unknown being telling me the situation because I was too dense to figure it out myself. It shook me to the core. Because even though I’ve had brief experiences before that I couldn’t explain, this was my first encounter with a voice that was not my own helping me to choose the right path.

This was the catalyst that switched me from a bitter, hateful, violent person into the person I am today. Advocating for kindness, love, compassion. Believing in God and Jesus Christ. The Hyde persona was no longer bubbling up, and ever since this event, I have been on the path to try my best to be a kinder, gentler person. (Sometimes, I still fail, and I highly regret it when I do, but I use those failures as learning lessons, and try my best for next time. That’s all we can do. And I believe the best life we can live is one in which we’re just trying to do better. Trying to love each other unconditionally. Trying to not let the dark side win.)

Which Side Will You Choose?

Inside of each person there is bound to be 2 different sides. The question is, do we know this, and do we know when to reign it in? Of course, if it is really the “jinn” or the “yetzer hara”, we won’t want it to even peak it’s way through. This side of us should be addressed as a part of us that we know exists, but that we should consciously learn to seek the good voice above all else. Suppressing these thoughts may be too hard, so I believe the best way to approach these situations is recognizing it when it happens, and knowing the correct path to take (and choosing it, of course).

If we allow ourselves, I think we truly can reach that part that wants the best for ourselves. Call it the Higher Self or the Soul or what have you. Are most of us ignoring this inner voice? Can we determine what’s in our best interest or what’s simply persuading us to make bad choices? When we can learn to be discerning and reign in our darker impulses, the choice to the right path becomes clearer.

All of us have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside. The key is acknowledging this and making the conscious decision to let the good one shine.

Featured image by Chetan Dhongade from Pixabay

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Why I Believe, What I Believe - Personal Experiences.
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Is Unconditional Love Enabling “Wrong” Behavior? - Can we be loving, yet judge at the same time?
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Media Experiments – Does Media Affect Our Thoughts pt. 4

Think you think for yourself?
Well, think again.

When I was younger, I used to think that all the people that claimed that violence on t.v., movies, music, etc. made on impression on us, were ridiculous.

I ardently believed that people were conscious enough to come to their own decisions and thought patterns, and ridiculed those that speculated otherwise.

Perhaps that was me jumping on the bandwagon of mocking the alleged “conspiracy theorists”. Calling them crazy and uninformed.

Well, who's laughing now?

(Well, I suppose it’s no laughing matter, but at least I’ve finally come to the realization that I was wrong.)

Before I delve in, what do you think? Are you here on this page because you believe the same thing? Or are you here because you think it’s a ridiculous concept like I once did?

Disclaimer: This website promotes love, kindness and compassion. However, in order to strive towards that, we must also expose the negativity surrounding us on a day to day basis. This post delves into some dark material that we should be aware of in order to guide us towards a better future.
- Crystal
Expanding Awareness Relations

If you’ve read my previous posts: How do we Find the Truth? and When News Media Lies, you already know about the levels of deception and manipulation that these “sources” have propagated to the population. (With the help of the CIA, I might add.)

So is it that much of a stretch to contemplate on this idea?

If that’s not enough of a reason, I will be addressing other points that might provide a little more insight into this kind of “mind control” programming.

Welcome to the 4th part of this series “Does Media Affect Our Thoughts” – “Media Experiments”.

Link to part 1 – Violence in Entertainment
Link to part 2 – Propaganda in the Media
Link to Part 3 – Media Addiction

With the advent of the technological age, most of us don’t realize that we are unwitting pawns in the directive of who controls the media. And it’s not just the media controllers that have a hand in our lives. No, even regular working class joes and janes will push the boundaries and see what they can get away with in order to manipulate us to a certain outcome.

I give some examples below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. One key takeaway to glean from these, be aware and discerning and don’t fall into the trap of believing everything you see; and be conscious of who you are, not what society expects you to be.

I start off with the lights subjects first. But beware. It turns dark, quick.

Experiment #1: How can we get more likes as an influencer/celebrity/politician, etc. so that we can get more marketing; therefore make more money or push for a particular agenda?

Solution: Instead of being honest and letting our work speak for itself, let’s just push the agenda by buying FAKE followers. Then, once we gain fake popularity, people will think we’re worth it and effectively buy into whatever we’re selling/vouching for.

Ever wonder how someone can seem so famous, especially as if overnight?
This could be how: Social Media Experiments Reveals How Easy it is to Create Fake Instagram Accounts and Make Money From Them

This video reveals that some celebrities buy followers on social media: Instagram/Twitter, etc. to make their accounts more prominent: Celebrities Pay for Fake Followers on Social Media

This article highlights some of the practices that occur with scammers “businesses” like Devumi: The Follower Factory

Are you following someone because you truly want to “keep up with the Kardashians”? Or do you feel as if, “well, everyone else is (seems to be) doing it. If I don’t do it too, then I’m out of the loop.”

We are being manipulated and tested to seeing how to sway the public opinion. And we are tricked and deceived into following a particular brand. If we see someone getting popular, then our instinct is usually to go with the crowd and join in, even if we don’t necessarily agree with it.

Here is just one of the ways that the public is being experimented on and played with. We are just game pieces for the “higher echelon’s” enjoyment and being exploitated for the “influencers’” and “celebrities’” benefit. How about we step off the chessboard?

Experiment #2: How can I make money easily online?

Solution: Create a sob story and make it go viral, then set up a GoFundMe website or something similar.

Sadly, this has worked all too well. And, in hindsight, I don’t want this article to be a “guide” in how to scam people for their money. But I do want to bring some of these possibilities to light so that you know what kinds of things people will do to trick and deceive others.

To help someone in need is an action all of us should take, monetary wise or not.

But unfortunately, this altruistic desire to help others is a beacon for those who will take advantage of and abuse these people’s good will.

Such is the case with the deception of the D’Amico/McClure/Bobbitt scheme to create a GoFundMe page for a homeless veteran who gave McClure $20 to fill up her tank when she ran out of gas. Of course, the whole story was fabricated; but indeed, preying on the kind-heartedness of strangers, their GoFundMe page reached $400,000!

Thankfully, after finding out about this deceit, GoFundMe refunded everyone who contributed to this fictitious account.

And how did the true story come to light?

Apparently, greed triumphed in this story and led to their ruin. It was revealed that D’Amico and McClure chose to keep the money and didn’t give Bobbitt his proper share. So Bobbitt took them to court, and it’s here that the true story came out.

Imagine. If they had just shared the money to begin with like agreed upon, no one would have been any the wiser and they wouldn’t have gotten caught. (Probably… it’s interesting what kind of curveballs life likes to throw at us. Especially when we deserve it.) – Mastermind of Infamous GoFundMe Homeless Scam Facing 5 Year Sentence

Speaking of GoFundMe, isn’t it interesting that according to this site:, GoFundMe deletes a “black Trump supporter’s fundraiser for bulletproof vests”, yet “keeps Antifa’s identical fundraiser up”?

Not to mention the very own campaign that GoFundMe itself endorsed for Planned Parenthood.

I cannot even get into this topic right now (or ever) without getting triggered, so I will just leave you with these sites   so you can determine for yourself why I am not impartial when it comes to this subject:

In Case You Doubted: Yes, Planned Parenthood is Evil
21 Quotes by Margaret Sanger That Will Probably Make You Sick (Margaret Sanger – founder of Planned Parenthood)
Planned Parenthood Workers are Fleeing the ‘Evil’ Abortion Business – (My heartfelt thanks to those who have left  this “business”.)
We Talked to Former Planned Parenthood Workers; Their Stories are Chilling
Former Planned Parenthood Official: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion (Planned  Parenthood is NOT an outreach to help young ladies through choice of birth or abortion. It is teaching KIDS to have sex so that their market for aborted babies doesn’t end! It is a corrupted, evil system that should not see the light of day!)

There’s too much other details to go into here, so I am going to leave it at that for now. Please research this and stop supporting this organization if you do.

Experiment #3: Let’s see what would happen if we tell people that they’re a match with someone, when they’re really not. That sounds like fun, right? Deliberately misleading people just to see what the outcome will be? Let’s do it.

Solution: OkCupid fessed up to doing this in 2014: OKCupid Proudly Admits it Experiments on People All the Time

But you know, it’s okay, everyone. Because like Christian Rudder (one of the founders of OkCupid) says, “But guess what, everybody: if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site. That’s how websites work.”

Silly us. We should just come to accept that we’re being lied and manipulated and experimented on at businesses’ bidding, because “that’s how websites work”.

Huh. And here I thought, as OkCupid’s About page implies:

  • We ask questions: We ask questions about things you care about. (So we can turn around and use it against you.)
  • And connect you on what matters: There are some things you should know before the date. On OkCupid, we help you find people you’re really compatible with. (That way we can skewer the results and pair you with someone completely opposite at our whim. How lovely!)
  • No matter what you’re looking for: No matter who you are, no matter what you’re looking for, OkCupid helps you find meaningful connections – whatever that means to you. (Except when we don’t.)

For disclaimer purposes, I am obliged to let you know that the sentences in parenthesis/gray are my own highlights of what I’ve gleaned from Christian Rudder’s statements and doesn’t reflect that of OkCupid itself. : ) …(Unless it does. Who knows?)

…that they’re a responsible, caring administration that just wants to help people connect with those they’re compatible with. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Experiment #4: Can we manipulate how people feel simply by changing what content they’re exposed to? Let’s find out!

Solution: Indeed, Facebook carried out this exact experiment in 2012, concluding that yes, it can affect our moods. (Makes one wonder how else media can, and has, been manipulating our feelings and emotions… And I wouldn’t doubt, in the slightest, that this was not the first experiment of its kind…)

In 2012 Facebook conducted a massive experiment on its users, unbeknownst to them. The social media giant manipulated the news feeds of 689,003 people for one week, prioritizing either positive or negative emotional content. They then tracked the updates that the unwitting users posted, to see if they had been influenced by the manipulated feeds.

What they found was that they could essentially make their users feel happier or sadder, in a process called ‘emotional contagion’. The study concluded by saying: “Emotions expressed by friends, via online social networks, influence our own moods, constituting, to our knowledge, the first experimental evidence for massive-scale emotional contagion via social networks.”

While completely legal, we all sign up for Facebook voluntarily after all, the ethics of such mass manipulation are questionable. “People are supposed to be told they are going to be participants in research and then agree to it and have the option not to agree to it without penalty.” One academic said in response to the controversial experiment.

The power that social media networks are beginning to exert over our lives is of increasing concern. Do you trust Facebook to look after your best interests? Or are you leaving yourself open to emotional manipulation for the benefit of advertisers? The study, while controversial, has opened a deeper discussion about online ethics and privacy, which can only be a good thing. (Source: Forbes)

Facebook is, of course, not the only form of media to try and manipulate how the public feels. The news media does it all the time. And if we’re honest with the whole media system and ourselves, we’ll come to realize that the music, movie, tv industry does it as well. Music manipulates our feelings – creating a sadness, happiness, sweetness, anger, frustration… news media has been proven to show us mostly negative news.

If it Bleeds, it Leads: Understanding Fear-based Media

Why? Well, turns out, we’re our own worst enemies. Their ratings show an increase when there’s negative news shown, than a positive one. So can we really blame the news media for always depicting violent and negative news stories? We’re perpetuating it when we tune in to see it.

Knowing what’s going on in the world is important, but with the rise of evidence of how much the news media (media in general) has been lying and manipulating us, are we sure what we’re seeing is even real?

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director (1981)

Experiment #5: What would happen with a group of children, if we allowed them to play a “medium” violent game like Minecraft, and exposed them to real guns?

Solution: Not pretty.

As I have covered in part 1 of this series, violence in the media most certainly does have an effect on our minds, whether we realize it or not. Perhaps once we are more acclimatized and aware of this, it no longer has a hold on us. But for children, most are not yet mentally sound in making these observations. (Nor are some adults, if we’re going to be completely honest…)

Which is why this experiment (if real – have to add that in light of everything…) should be a huge eye-opener in regards to how children think, especially after what they are already exposed to.

Bizarre Experiment Shows How Video Games Change the Way Kids Treat Real Guns

Now perhaps these children simply thought the guns were fake. After all, they were ushered in to a room and told they could play with the toys in the room after their foray into the Minecraft game. And as some participants concluded, they figured they would not be let into a room by researchers where real guns would be exposed. So considering these factors, it’s not the most airtight of experiments, but still raises some very important concerns. It still prompted the child to sometimes pull the trigger on these guns, aiming at themselves sometimes as well as the other child in the room, while all they had to go on was an assumption that it wasn’t real. And in the cases that they did think it was real, is even scarier.

Moral of the story: For the love of everything holy, lock up your guns and teach your children gun safety. And teach them about violence in games and the media and to be aware of their surroundings and emotions. And teach them morals and integrity.

Experiment #6: How do people react to stress, when their values and beliefs are ridiculed and mocked? Let’s strap them to a chair, and force them to confront someone verbally attack them by making personal insults to their beliefs and character, and find out.

Oh! And make them relive this event by watching a video of this mentally and psychologically degrading act of themselves getting their beliefs attacked, over and over again for 3 years!

Solution: At least in one of the most tragically prolific accounts, it might have contributed to the infamous Unabomber case, Ted Kaczynski.

Think the media only has to do with “mass media”? Like the news, radio, internet, etc.?

Nope. In this case, not only did Ted Kaczynski and other participants get subjected to humiliating and malicious attacks on their most honest and heartfelt views, but they were also forced to relive this very moment, over and over again by watching a video that was recorded of their own, personal “interrogation”.

It’s heartbreaking that this would be allowed to continue. Unfortunately, psychological experiments are alive and well. Of course, usually the details don’t emerge until much later, when it’s usually too late to reverse any of the damage. Why do these experiments continue to rage on? Who funds these?

Well… in this particular case, we are guided by this bit of information: 

In 1948 he (Henry Murray – the “unethical researcher” – my words) sent a grant application to the Rockefeller Foundation proposing “the development of a system of procedures for testing the suitability of officer candidates for the navy.” By 1950 he had resumed studies on Harvard undergraduates that he had begun, in rudimentary form, before the war, titled “Multiform Assessments of Personality Development Among Gifted College Men.” The experiment in which Kaczynski participated was the last and most elaborate in the series. In their postwar form these experiments focused on stressful dyadic relations, designing confrontations akin to those mock interrogations he had helped to orchestrate for the OSS.

Let that soak in.

We also know that Henry Murray, the cruel scientist that initiated this study:

“served in the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, helping to develop psychological screening tests for applicants and (according to Timothy Leary) monitoring military experiments on brainwashing.”

As for Ted Kaczynski, reading his background in depth, one could easily reach the conclusion that this was an extremely bright young man, having skipped 2 grades, getting accepted into Harvard before he was 16, and was even labeled as “the most intellectual serial killer the nation has ever produced” by a  criminologist. Don’t think that should be an honorary status… but I hope you know what I was going for with that sentence.

And despite his vindictiveness and propensity for violence (which may have well been born out of this heinous psychological experiment), he was still able to come to this interesting conclusion: (very relatable, especially in these highly technological times):

Gradually, while he was immersed in his Harvard readings and in the Murray experiment, Kaczynski began to put together a theory to explain his unhappiness and anger. Technology and science were destroying liberty and nature. The system, of which Harvard was a part, served technology, which in turn required conformism. By advertising, propaganda, and other techniques of behavior modification, this system sought to transform men into automatons, to serve the machine.

One can now only ponder the “what ifs”.

  • What if, instead of being ushered into Harvard and such a young age by his father, despite advice from his friend, Ted stayed with his family – surrounded by love and compassion, and went to college when appropriate?
  • What if, instead of partaking in this experiment (in which Ted and the other participants were lied to about), these young gentlemen carried out their college years in peace?
  • What if these experiments didn’t exist at all? No twisted, wicked experiments to conduct on the innocent (or on the enemies) and no one had to be psychologically damaged from the repercussions?
  • What if people were morally guided by strong, virtuous ethics and not by a corrupted view for a one world government; stomping and experimenting on everyone and everything they deem expendable or for their own gain?

Oh… did I forget to mention that? Yes, sorry about that:

(Henry Murray) advocated implementing the agenda of the World Federalist Association, which called for a single world government. The atomic bomb, Murray wrote in a letter to Mumford, “is the logical & predictable result of the course we have been madly pursuing for a hundred years.” The choice now facing humanity, he added, was “One World or No World.

How do we escape these manipulative tactics and experiments?


Don’t partake in them. Or at least reduce your media viewing and use. And yes, I know the irony of using the media to read this, so perhaps it should be to balance media use between necessity, entertainment, and important research. (But light on the entertainment.)

I have never had a facebook account, or a Twitter, Instagram, etc. I don’t have cable. I do have youtube simply to build a playlist, but I predict a time that youtube will do away with accounts that aren’t gaining any monetary status, or that aren’t following a certain narrative, for example.

Of course they’re allowed to do that. All of these tech/media giants are allowed to do whatever they wish, essentially; including banning, censoring, deleting… the list goes on and on. Which is the point. They shouldn’t be allowed to carry on manipulating and lying to us about our own data. Yet it continues. But if we step off the platform, then of course their game pieces go missing and they wouldn’t be able to sabotage anyone anymore. And anyone who has any integrity in their body would realize this and not bank the system to let it continue.

Just my two cents.

Now for the experiments that we have no idea we’re even a part of? Or that people have been lied to about?

That’s another story. That’s when these establishments need to be held accountable for it. Not tomorrow. Not 15 years from now. Before it even begins. There are ethic laws, and it’s unfair and unjust that these corporations get to bend it and twist it for “their” greater good. Not ours.

Some of these mild experiments are annoying, yes. But others, are considered Crimes Against Humanity. They shouldn’t be allowed to happen and the establishments that carry these and other terrible experiments out should answer for that.


In part 5, I address data-mining for our information. As The Social Dilemma mentions, “we’re the product.”
Part 6 goes into the wonderful world of bots and trolls.

Fact checking is extremely important. I want to reiterate not to take everything at face value; no matter what you read, where you read it from, or who you hear it from. And to be clear, do not rely on “fact checking” websites to give you accurate information either. These are just as likely, (if not even more likely…), to feed false information and false debunking accounts to manipulate the reader. Please take everything into consideration before adhering to a certain narrative – and always keep your mind open to other possibilities.

Fair use disclaimer: Some of the links from this article are provided from different sources/sites to give the reader extra information and cite the sources, but does not necessarily mean that I endorse the contents of the site itself. Additionally, I have tried to provide links to the contents that I used from other sites as an educational and/or entertainment means only; if you feel that any information deserves further citation or request to be clarified, please let me know through the contact page.

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