The Story of Zoe Alexander: X Factor Exposed

The horrible deception and manipulation of an X Factor hopeful.

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and so when I see an obvious case of deception and injustice, I have to call it out. And one of my key goals is to work on spreading awareness on many different subjects; and since this topic was recently brought to my attention and it is one in which I used to partake in, I had to address it.

Now, my history and perhaps that of others, may be able to relate. I used to watch X-Factor, American Idol, American’s Got Talent, etc., etc. It bemused me to see all the auditions and, in my younger days, I am ashamed to admit, I joined the judges in scoffing and ridiculing the wild and/or awkward contestants with their off-key singing and strange behavior. It was entertaining, to say the least, which was the point.

But behind this obvious spectacle, it was lost on myself and others, that these were real people with real feelings who had heartfelt hopes and dreams and their own individual personality.

Now, I can simply attribute this to myself being “young and stupid” and not knowing any better. But, you know, that’s a cop out, if I may say so. After all, my Mom taught me to be nice to others. (Or she tried to, I should say.) I was also bullied as a child. So much so that in turn I became a bully myself. Again, not proud of it at all, but such is life when people go through certain emotional trauma. But I should have been understanding and more compassionate while viewing these t.v. shows. Most of them are real people putting their heart on the line. I say “most” because I have a suspicion that they hired actors as well to bring more entertainment value to their program.

And thankfully, after my negative and bitter stage, I began to feel the emotions of other people and realized that everyone is special and important and that all of us deserve to be treated with love and respect. This is actually both a curse and a blessing, because even the slightest thing can trigger me and my heart feels it, and instantly I’ll want to cry. I never used to be this way, but with some divine help and natural maturing, it’s opened my eyes to seeing people as precious and we should treat everyone right.

Blast to the Past

That brings me to Zoe Alexander’s case and many others (and a harsh look at myself with how I used to be…)

I remember over a year ago, I felt compelled to go down the nostalgia trail and re-watch some of these auditions. I used to love watching them. I would tune in for every episode but was mostly interested in the initial auditioning process.

Imagine my surprise when after watching a few, I realized I didn’t enjoy it as much. In fact, I was feeling more and more uncomfortable and disturbed that these judges (most of them, anyway), were downright cruel and dismissive. Especially if the participant didn’t fit their “ideal image”.

Again, I used to LOVE watching these episodes. Now, I felt a deep cringe inside of me; not because of the awkwardness of the people auditioning, but because my heart went out for them that they were being treated this way. The people that I used to snicker and laugh at, I now felt a huge compulsion to hug and let them know that they’re beautiful and who cares what these “judges” think.

(Of course, that was the whole point of the auditioning process, supposedly – to be judged. But what many didn’t know at the time is how staged this whole ordeal was.)

What used to be a guilty pleasure of mine now washed over me in shame. At the time, I didn’t realize how cruel my actions of laughing at these potential contestants through the screen actually was.

Enter in Zoe Alexander

Zoe Alexander on the X-Factor UK

Zoe Alexander from The X Factor UK

When I first saw this young performer, I thought she looked great, happy, and sweet. Yes, her apparent obsession with Pink was a little strange, and there was an interesting nod to her parents that they were also tribute artists (of course, at the time, we didn’t realize that this was all a setup to make her and her family look like star-wannabe’s), but her performance was fun and I thought she did really well.

Then we come to the judges who are “allegedly” confused about this contestant’s desire to want to stray from Pink, yet still choose to do a Pink song. Out of the kindness of their heart’s, of course (#sarcasm), they allow her to try a different song.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to sway the judges and they lamented that if only she would have strayed away from the Pink impersonation, she might have had a chance.

The look on Zoe’s face was devastating. The realization that she had been had can be seen by anyone re-watching this scene and knowing the “real” story. But to those who were tricked and manipulated (i.e. – the whole t.v. viewing audience) into believing a certain narrative, their takeaway of these events was simply that Zoe had her chance, and she blew it – then went into a full blown temper tantrum.

When Zoe yelled out that they made her do a Pink song, the judges and audience can be heard displaying their shock at her audacity to accuse them of such, especially since this never occurred during the audition. The judges kept reiterating how they never said anything like that, and it was her choice to sing it and that they even gave her a second chance.

The t.v. audience was left with an edited mess; painting Zoe as an ungrateful, deluded, angry character that was perhaps one of the most violent contestants they’ve ever had – that a lot of us fell for.

After seeing this audition, my opinion of this sweet, happy demeanor of this young lady changed to that of bewilderment and “Woah… that sure escalated quickly.”

Since I knew, even at that time, that editing was certainly a possibility, I wasn’t too quick to jump on the wagon that Zoe was delusional and her anger was misplaced. But I was taken aback that my initial opinion of her was so wrong. Still, something nagged in the back of my mind that something wasn’t quite right. The words that they told her to sing a Pink song kept reverberating inside and I thought, “She wouldn’t have said that without a good reason.” And sure, they could have edited that bit out of the show, but the pure disbelief and confoundment on her face told me a different story.

I even attempted to do a little research then and there about it, but since it was still so new and fresh, the only things I found about it were all deprecating articles and videos about a lady who went on a rage-filled tantrum on the show.

Videos by Zoe Alexander Sheds New Light

Zoe Alexander XFactor The Truth
Zoe Alexander Part 2 XFactor The Truth

In this exposé that came out on July 19, 2020 and August 18, 2020, Zoe reveals how the producers of the show encouraged her to choose a Pink song even though it was her desire to get away from the Pink persona and do different artists to display a different range of her abilities and her search to be herself.

The producers, however, made it clear to her that she would not be advancing unless she did Pink. In her original email to them, she wrote the 5 songs that they asked her to submit, which was all her own decision. After receiving word back from them asking her to put Pink instead, she finally caved and listened to their “advice”.

From here, the sordid tale takes off into a twisted, confusing, heartbreaking ordeal that ended with Zoe Alexander suffering from an emotional breakdown on The X Factor. To say that the producers were deliberately trying to manufacture this emotional outburst is an understatement.

As Zoe relates, one of the producers even urged the cameraman to keep his camera on her, even as the cameraman visibly felt uncomfortable doing so, knowing how devastatingly upset Zoe Alexander was after realizing she was used this whole time. Once the producers felt that they had enough footage, they had no more need of her and finally left her alone.

This is absolutely heartbreaking that they would simply use and abuse someone in this highly emotional state. Just getting up in front of four judges is enough to unsettle nerves, much less getting up in front of four stern judges and an entire audience, and knowing that it could be aired on national t.v. What she thought was an honest and uplifting chance at her start to stardom, ended up being an awful set up from the very beginning.

I can’t even begin to imagine the hurt and disbelief she was in, as well as her family. To see one’s child subjected to this terrible harassment must have been excruciating.

“Investigation” Ensues

Even before these videos came out, I had heard about Zoe Alexander’s story around the internet. Of course, there will be people demanding “actual proof”, which, yes, we should do, but did anyone “demand proof” that Zoe Alexander really did choose her own songs? Why is it always left to the “little people” to be demanded to show proof of any wrong doing or to clear their name? Why do we not demand this of the big industries themselves?

After all, if these big corporations are as squeaky clean as some people surmise, then it should be no problem for them to provide proof in full, unedited versions of all of the tapes of Zoe Alexander and her family, much less that of the countless other victims candidates that went on the show to prove their innocence in the defamation of character and emotional trauma that they are accused of inflicting upon numerous people.

And yes, perhaps all these huge companies will have legal documents and signed forms that protect them from certain liabilities and such, and then we have the lovely government agencies whose purpose, in part, is: “We also help to make sure people don’t get scammed and are protected from bad practices. This is particularly important for vulnerable or older people.” such as is from the Ofcom regulator that investigated Zoe Alexander’s claims and found nothing untowards on the X Factor’s end.

…Oh. Don’t forget to read the red part I circled on the bottom of the page. It seems like it would be a pertinent part in why Ofcom wouldn’t see any suspicious activity from a company that is, perhaps, funding them…

Ofcom website showing its regulations.
“We are independent, and funded by fees paid to us by the companies we regulate.”

Sure seems like that would give them an incentive to not penalize a company that provides their paycheck. But perhaps my assumptions are unfounded and merely ridiculous speculation. After all, if someone was paying you exorbitant amounts of money, of course you wouldn’t mind them going out of business based on claims that you could easily refute simply by saying so. And it’s not like these companies are in cahoots or anything… The government working with the media? Surely you jest.

<<< Operation Mockingbird >>>

Sure this may simply be baseless accusations… On the other hand, it’s equally as likely, if not more so, that there’s a ring of truth to this theory (or a full out chorus of bells ringing and angels singing, “Hallelujah, someone’s finally got it!”)

There’s also an interesting correlation between what Zoe Alexander relates with her visit from the dailymail editor. It’s a very startling account, and a huge eye-opener into the “journalism” that’s going on. Remember, this event happened in 2012.

After Zoe’s meltdown on the X Factor, her family had a visit from the dailymail editor.

In Zoe’s words about what the editor allegedly said, which should raise alarm bells to everyone: “It doesn’t matter what you said; it’s only what we say you said. And it doesn’t matter what you do; it only matters what we say you do.”

It reminds me of this interesting tidbit, courtesy of Mika Brzezinski / MSNBC:

“The dangerous edges here are that he’s (Donald Trump) trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts, and it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he could actually control, uh, exactly what the people think, and that is, that is our job.”Mika Brzezinksi – (

UPDATE: Another youtube account deleted. Here is the original video that can now be found on the web archive (unless that gets deleted as well…)

I don’t think enough people know about these underhanded tactics from the media and government to control what the people think. It ranges from anything about politics, to world wide economics, to the entertainment industry… to anything and everything in between.

And why would the media want to portray certain people in a bad light? Is it simply for views and entertainment? Money? Advertisements? Is the whole world just one gigantic soap opera and we’re the unwitting performers?

Seems like a huge conspiracy, but don’t forget, a lot of the alleged false flags and conspiracy theories involving these shady practices have been confirmed. MK Ultra is no longer a theory. It is found to be true. The fact that the CIA works with the media is proven. Many whistleblowers have spoken out to bring awareness to this egregious agenda to control what the population think. And with their stranglehold over the media, we are subjected to information that they want us to “know”, and we are blinded from their suppression of things that they don’t want us to know.

The fact that these industries can get away with shamelessly bashing someone’s identity and persona for as frivolous a reason as entertainment and ratings that turn into money should heed as a wake-up call to us all to step off of these platforms and not participate in their viewership or consumerism. When we can show them that we won’t tolerate bullying and abuse and emotional exploitation on others, and that we won’t tolerate being indoctrinated and herded into a certain propaganda mindset, when we make the conscious decision to turn the program off, these “businesses” will no longer have their audience and they will lose their destructive hold on us.

It should also alert us to the fact that we cannot believe everything we see or hear on t.v., social media, news, radio, etc., etc. We need to be aware that not everything is as it seems and we need to work on developing our critical thinking skills and discernment. Don’t fall into the manipulation system that tptsb (“the powers that shouldn’t be”) have set up for us.

Growing Support for Zoe

I hope that Zoe Alexander and others like her that have suffered through this emotional and psychological trauma know just how much people really do care about them and, at least speaking for myself, am deeply regretful about believing the portrayal that this industry has painted them. I’m glad that I was able to grow out of this stage and learn some truths about the wool that was pulled over viewer’s eyes.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one, as there are others that are now coming to see the light.

Youtube page of X Factor with contestant Zoe Alexander
Screenshot taken from The X Factor UK ( – Zoe Alexander’s Audition

It’s interesting to note that this particular X Factor Youtube video of Zoe Alexander has the comments turned off, from the X Factor UK’s own channel. And over 160,000 dislikes. Almost twice the amount as that of the likes. It’s almost as if people are starting to realize the truth of how this show wrongly depicted Zoe Alexander and set her up to be a patsy for people’s amusement… Of course, with the comments turned off, we can’t really tell on this page… only come to the most logical conclusion.

However, as this other channel has the same audition (and might be deleted in due time), I have decided to screenshot some of the more recent comments that were made merely hours ago:

Zoe Alexander on the X Factor
Zoe Alexander X Factor audition on youtube
Screenshots taken from Steve P ( – Zoe Alexander X Factor UK Audition
Some other supportive and enlightened comments from this video I’ve decided to highlight here:
luvme ツ
I remember when I first watched this episode long ago it made me think she was aggressive for no reason, but now that the truth is all out i genuinely feel bad for Zoe. Shes been set up as a laughing stock. Justice for Zoe!!
McDanes kaiser Abad
can literally see in her eyes when she realized she was being played 💔 nobody deserves that f this show
Tony Gonzales
she WANTED to find herself but they literally told her to sing a pink song. She was so wrongly set up and it makes me feel horrible for her 🙁 .
This makes so much more sense now. I feel awful for judging her all those years ago, her reaction is completely understandable. I’ve lost so much respect for the show

A lot of this sudden support and popularity can be traced back to this tiktok user: @thatsmypurseidontknowyou

It’s amazing the amount of support and encouraging words that Zoe is getting now, and this is exactly as it should be. We should all be taking care of each other and showing our love and support, no matter what the circumstance. Even if Zoe had no justifiable reason for doing what she did (although we now know how wrongly she was used and her hurt and humiliation is completely understandable), the fact that everyone needs love and compassion instead of scorn and derision should be impressed upon us; and if we see someone lashing out, let us pray for them and hold them in our hearts and wish them the best, that their hurt and anger can be healed.

We should also pray that those involved in these schemes may come around and realize the errors of their ways, and change their hearts to caring about people and no longer taking part in these manipulative, corrupted agendas.

Bless you all, and thank you for reading.

Fact checking is extremely important. I want to reiterate not to take everything at face value; no matter what you read, where you read it from, or who you hear it from. And to be clear, do not rely on “fact checking” websites to give you accurate information either. These are just as likely, (if not even more likely…), to feed false information and false debunking accounts to manipulate the reader. Please take everything into consideration before adhering to a certain narrative – and always keep your mind open to other possibilities.

Fair use disclaimer: Some of the links from this article are provided from different sources/sites to give the reader extra information and cite the sources, but does not necessarily mean that I endorse the contents of the site itself. Additionally, I have tried to provide links to the contents that I used from other sites as an educational and/or entertainment means only; if you feel that any information deserves further citation or request to be clarified, please let me know through the contact page.

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