What is the Universe Trying to Tell us?

The most important messages the world needs.

Beautiful lights in the galaxy. Is it truly infinite? Are there secrets out there that we have yet to discover?

These are real experiences I’ve had that I’ve written down and shared on 2016. The original testimony appeared here – reprinted with some slight alterations/additions.

What I’m about to share, are three experiences I’ve had that I can only describe as being near death-like. I have wondered and struggled with the thoughts of ‘Why did I have these experiences? What am I supposed to do with this knowledge? Why me? What do you want me to do?’ So I have finally decided to get the word out and share this with others.

(Let it be noted that I am a completely sane and rational person. 😛 And if truth be told, I am sure many people have gone through similar things as I have, but feel lost as to what to do or who to share it with, at the risk of sounding crazy or ridiculed. Luckily I have very little shame, but a lot of emotion, so needed to get this message out. And I have carefully thought about others dismissing my stories outright because it is not a ‘true’ NDE, but rather near death-like, and I am okay with that. I just wanted to share these instances in the hopes that it might reach someone who needs it.)

1. A Glimpse Into the Omniscience

This first event, happened in 1995. I was riding in the back of my parent’s car looking out the window, just contemplating, when I wondered to myself with an innocent curiosity, ‘Hm… I wonder why that sign is red and white… Why did the owners choose those colors?’ Then suddenly it HIT me! Everything! The answers to everything. I KNEW everything. I knew why the signs were that color, I knew why fish swam, I knew why we do the things we do, I knew why we were here, I knew everything there was to know. It was so instantaneous; like a split second. And obviously I couldn’t contain all the knowledge. It happened so fast, and so much information all at once, that it was just a huge flash of insight.

Unfortunately, because of the vast information afforded to me, I couldn’t retain any of it. It was almost like a swift gust of wind that just blows past you. You know it happened, but you have no evidence of it. I’ve asked family and friends if they’ve ever had anything similar happen to them, but was always answered with a ‘no’. …Which is what later in life prompted me to research up on this subject and see if anyone else has experienced something like it. And that is what led me to NDEs. A lot of their stories seem to include a huge download of information, as if everything is already known… ‘we’ just ‘forget’ because we WANT TO for the sake of learning and growing spiritually, or simply because with our human mind, we can’t comprehend all of it.

2. Hearing Voices

Now this event I was significantly more hesitant in telling people… I have only told two people as I’m typing this up…

This incident happened in 2010. So it’s been about 5-6 years since this happened. And again, I didn’t get into NDEs until later. Not until around 2014-now.

Well, I was lying in bed and I had just woken up. As in, my mind woke up. I was still laying peacefully in bed, my eyelids haven’t even had a chance to open. Well, out of nowhere (in my head?) I heard this voice speaking to me.

Now, I know what dreams are. (Well, not REALLY, but I AM familiar with them. Written down 2,000+.. not to mention the many, MANY dreams I haven’t written down.) I am also familiar with hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations and have experienced several different dream states (lucid dreams/OBEs/false awakenings/consciously entered a dream, etc.).

THIS didn’t seem like a dream to me.

Again, I was very conscious. But before I could even open my eyes, I heard the voice. Clearly a male voice. It couldn’t have been my own thoughts in my head. I could also feel vibrations along with his voice. (I’m also familiar with the vibrations when trying to induce OBEs/lucid dreams. Had a few, but not nearly as many as I’d like.) And this event was very clear, concise, and not hallucinatory at all.

Anyway, this voice was asking me a very specific question(s). He was asking me if I could forgive *insert name here*. Some of these people I knew, and some I didn’t (at least, I don’t believe I did..). Each name that the voice gave me, I automatically knew insights into them. As to what they have done – the sins they committed, what kind of person they were. I responded each time with my answer. Some I would forgive, some I wouldn’t. I had to contemplate on a couple.

Well, here’s the interesting part. Each time I replied with a forgiving answer, I would feel the vibrations getting stronger. When I wouldn’t forgive the person, the vibrations would fade away. Each time this happened. I would forgive a person, the vibrations would come back, and grow stronger with each forgiving answer. If I felt like ‘no, I wouldn’t forgive them’ these vibrations would fade, get weaker. He must have asked me at least 5 or 6 different people, and my answers were about 2/3 in favor of forgiveness. Maybe even half.

Flunking Grade?

Finally after the last person, the voice diminished/faded as well as the vibrations. My last answer must have been a negative. I realized after this experience that I was supposed to answer with all forgiveness. NO MATTER WHAT. It seems so inconceivable to me to forgive a murderer, rapist, etc. It’s against human morals, right? But this “test”, I call it, clearly wanted my answers to be all forgiving.

For some reason, I was being tested. This voice, whoever it was, seemed to be monitoring my answers and showing me, through vibrations, what path I was supposed to take. I’ve had to research further into what these vibrations mean. I mean, I don’t need “scientific evidence” to back all these claims up. I figure a multitude of people’s testimony is sufficient enough for me, especially when I’ve experienced first-hand similar things. So up until my research into vibrations, I figured it was only a prelude to lucid dreams/OBEs. It’s what our spirit bodies experience when exiting our physical one. Seemed plausible enough to me. But when reading more into it, come to realize that the higher vibration you are, the more spiritually sound you are. (Metaphysically speaking.) We should be striving for the highest vibration there is. Which essentially means bettering ourselves in our lifetime(s). Not with physical/materialistic needs. But how we treat each other, how forgiving we are.

3. Look Within

So this most recent incident happened in 2014/2015. I was at a really low point in my life, just dejected and feeling torn, shattered. I was up and getting ready to start the day, and at one point just paused and stood in the living room, sadly contemplating the meaning of life, etc. Thinking to myself, ‘there has to be a meaning to all this’. Then, out of nowhere, in the back of my mind, heard the word ‘love’.

I admit, I kind of scoffed at the idea. I was like, ‘Ok. Fine. I’ll bite. But ONLY if you give me a sign. Not just one. You show me the word ‘love’ three times today, and I’ll believe you. But it has to be TODAY. All three, TODAY.’ and kind of wished them good luck. (And I have no idea who I was requesting this to; a guardian, an angel, God, just whoever out there that may have implanted the word ‘love’ in my head. Or whether it was myself unknowingly answering the question. Regardless, I wanted my signs.)

So I went on my merry way, not really thinking anything about my prayer for signs. I did not want to go out of my way to *search* for the signs. That would’ve skewered my perception of it should it happen. It had to be something that would hit me without my influence.

Well, to make a very long story short, sure enough, it did.

The first sign I received was in the form of a bumper sticker:

“Love is the answer.” Straight away I saw it. I was impressed, but was still adamant that I see the sign two more times that day.

The second showed itself on a billboard: “Love heals.” and showed adult(s)/child(ren) smiling.

The third happened just 14 minutes before midnight, as if deliberately making me wait after I had all but given up hope of seeing it a third time. It was from an internet article ad saying “Meditate on Love.” I was a bit shaken up, because I was almost certain at that point that I wasn’t going to get the third sign. It had pretty much slipped my mind and my mentality was, ‘I knew I wasn’t going to see it.’ and left it at that. So the sign hitting me that late, was like a slap in the face. A huge wake-up call. (And a sweet friend that I have sadly lost touch with pointed out to me that the sign appeared when there was just 1% left of the day.)

It was also *fascinating* to me that ALL three signs not only contained the word ‘love’, but also used it in simple, yet significant messages. It wasn’t something like ‘I love my convertible mustang.’ Every single sign given to me had a meaning behind it, which just drove the point home further.

Divine Messages
And you would think that’d be the end of that incident.

But no! I had another one, that deals with the same message. When most of us go through life, we tend to want to rationalize or think things through with a ‘logical’ perspective. So later, a year later perhaps, I was questioning the signs I received. What if it was all a fluke? What if it was one of those crazy coincidences? Or, what if I’m completely off my rocker and there’s nothing significant out there and I’m just reaching for straws? Would the universe *really* give me another sign if I asked for it again? Should I ask for it again? Wouldn’t that be selfish and annoying to ask for another sign even though I already received it? – All these things were going through my head that day.

Well, as I was taking my sister and son out to lunch that day, had ordered my food and something compelled me to read a single, solitary sign that was hanging up in the back of the restaurant. I had to physically get up out of my seat to read it. It was just curious to me that the one sign they had was back there and I felt pushed to read it.

I go up to read it, not expecting anything, and here’s what I was greeted with:

Love is patient, love is kind, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes. Love never fails.
It managed to give me all 3 of my signs; the word ‘love’, 3 times, in one sign.

I struggled to hold back tears as I was with my sister and son and didn’t want to confuse them as to why I was crying. It’s been something I kept to myself because… who would believe something like this? That I ‘heard’ a voice telling me that ‘love’ is why we’re here…? And that I questioned the universe (or whoever/whatever) and they’re responding?

So I have to get this out because why else would I be getting these ‘messages’? I feel as if I need to share this with others, even if people might not believe me, as long as I get the word out, maybe they’ll keep it in the back of their head and let the thought grow that it is a possibility that there’s something more to this world than we originally thought.

And thank you so much for reading. I’ve noticed in an abundant number of NDEs that ‘love and forgiveness’ are a running theme, and my experiences are what led me to looking up NDEs in the first place, and that they were eerily similar. Felt like it was important that I share these.

Thank you again for reading and I hope this resonates with you. If there are any stories or testimonies that you’d like to share, please let me know. I would love to be able to spread these messages and get others on the same wavelength. Love and blessings to you all.

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